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Returning Flagships Debate? Here Are My Thoughts! Share Your Wisdom.

MonsterHunterWorld7 - Returning Flagships Debate? Here Are My Thoughts! Share Your Wisdom.

As much as I want all of the flagships in the 15th anniversary poster to return, so I can just awe at the beauty of some of the classic monsters in hi-resolution, I just do not think it's happening. I'd love to be wronged, but the only ones I could see returning after glavenus are zinogre, brachy, fatalis and maybe seregios & lagiacus.

There was a serious lack of thunder element monsters in world, so I feel like either zinogre or lagiacrus would return to fill that role. I know lagiacrus wasnt implemented in world due to skeleton issues, but capcom had nearly 2 years to fix those problems. But if I had to guess one of the two monsters, I'd say zinogre is still more likely. I am not a video game expert by any means, but I've seen posts that say zinogre doesn't share a skeleton with any of the monsters in world. While I have no clue how much work it takes to create a new skeleton from scratch, I do not think that hinders zinogre from coming back, since iceborne is supposed to bring as much content as the original as past g rank expansions have. A new skeleton doesn't seem like a wild idea.

As for seregios, I doubt he is returning. Mostly because of bazelgeuse. Bazelgeuse, although he has a different mechanism in his fight, still has that "invader" role of seregios. If capcom did add seregios, then would both of them just invade during every master rank quest? Maybe, but I would not bet my money on it. Which is why seregios doesn't really have a place in iceborne in my opinion.

Then there's brachy, who I think has a 50/50 chance in iceborne. 50/50, because he would fit in nicely in elders recess, but there is already dodogama who somewhat resembles brachydios. But then again, I didn't think glavenus would return, because he falls in the same category as anjanath, who is also a fire element brute wyvern. So, brachy could very well return.

As for valxtrax, he probably has the lowest chance of coming to iceborne. I get that none of the monsters in mh is realistic by any means, but a rocket powered dragon? I doubt it. Especially in world, where the monsters and the ecosystems are supposed coexist and interact. I just do not see it happening.

Then there's gore magala. I do not think that they can just simply add gore magala and be like "here's a fan favorite! you're welcome!" then ignore the whole "frenzy" mechanic of mh4. After all, the whole story of mh4 was based on gore/shagaru magala and their effects on the ecosystem. I do not see capcom bringing the frenzy system back in world, so I don't think magala is coming back. I mean, they could bring them back as they did in generations and have the frenzy mechanic implemented in only magala fights, but because world has more depth in its story and narrative compared to previous mh titles, I don't think magalas are coming back.


I can see fatalis coming back as a semi endgame boss like xeno-jiiva, but I feel like capcom would introduce a new elder as the final boss. So perhaps fatalis would be like val-hazak, who is an elder dragon, who doesn't really have a huge role in the story, but hes just there. I've seen too much of hi-resolution fatalis to believe that he is returning.

Capcom has really enjoyed following a certain pattern in the reveal of new content lately (Each new weapon trailed would begin with a new mount move and then go on to show a new move) and every new trailer has shown the latest-teased returning monster in action going head to head with the apex of each area. Tigrex with odogaron in rotten vale, nargacuga with rathalos in ancient forest. While we cannot be certain, I think we are gonna get at most 3, or 4 returning flagships. Glavenus would probably be in wildspire waste fighting diablos. Coral highlands would probably have zinogre against legiana. Elder's recess would probably have brachydios against uragaan or something like that. I don't think fatalis would be revealed in a trailer like the rest, because he probably would not have a turf war. Or, if he is revealed, it would only be a hint like the roars of tigrex and nargacuga. If there are more returning monsters, they would be in the new ice map(I forget the name) or a new area, beacuse I don't think capcoms just adding one area in a g-rank expansion. Although, I have no guess at who is more likely among the rest.

Capcom's been teasing a new returning monster every month or so, I'd say we've got time for at most 3 new trailers. One trailer at E3, then one each in July and August. My guesses for those three are : zinogre, brachydios, and maybe fatalis.

To sum up, this guess at chances of returning flagships : Nargacuga : CONFIRMED Tigrex : CONFIRMED Glavenus : CONFIRMED Zinore : HIGH Lagiscrus : LOW (Zinogre or Lagiacrus would make it, but not both) Seregios : LOW Brachydios : 50/50 Valstrax : VERY LOW/0 Gore Magala : VERY LOW Fatalis : HIGH

What do you think?

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