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Returning to World after the Rise demo

MonsterHunterWorld9 - Returning to World after the Rise demo

Hello, i just want to explain what it felt like re entering world after playing the rise demo and reviewing the differences (not graphics wise).Remember that this is my opinion, and you dont have to agree. just keep drama out of this post.

Let me just start off with the clutch claw vs the wirebug. the wirebug is a much better tool than the clutch claw. in fact, ive grown so used to the wirebug that i cant help but press L2 + B after i get hit. it just feels so natural now to use instead of just grappling to a monster and either flinch shotting it or tenderizing. i dont really have anything bad to say about the wirebug. it just feels smooth and actually reliable. it doesnt mess up your gameplay like the clutch claw does. Going back to world and using the clutch claw was the one thing i wasnt looking forward to. i forgot i could wall bang for half of a hunt, and my time wasnt good. around 20 minutes with a meta set. yeah, i know. pretty bad.

Small screen vs large screen. i played portable for the demo, and honestly, ive grown used to the smaller screen. my mind set right now kinda makes me misjudge my attack range in world now, and it feels weird to go back to the big screen. It definitely feels like i just started world from the very beginning again. the small screen feels more compact, and it allows you to have a better focus (at least for me), while the large screen is more scenic and spaced out. This is probably just personal preference though.


Joycon vs controller. i play mhw on the ps4, and let me just say that after playing the rise demo for a month, it feels weird to have my hands go back to the middle instead of on the top left and bottom right. Though i guess that will happen to anyone who plays mhrise long enough and then goes back to world.

Finally, movement. god, i already miss the palamute. i feel so slow just running across the map. not only that, but i forget that i dont have the option to use a wirebug to climb up some vines. The palamute and wyvern bug allowed for much faster transportation, and was very fun to use. im not saying that worlds transportation is bad. it just lacks that oomph to it.

Anyway, i hope you all enjoyed my review of the rise demo and my return to mhw after a month of playing rise. its honestly just a matter of getting accustomed to the controls again, and i cant wait for rise to come out. 35 days left to go guys this is gonna be long.

Happy Hunting!

Tl;dr: World and Rise bth have there own uniqueness. Both do have some issues, and both have very great mechanics. If you are returning to world after the demo, just be prepared that you will be uncomfortable with some of the controls.

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