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Reviewing Extreme Behemoth tips for those who have yet to beat it…

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Basics: All Stages

  • I'll skip the super basics, like getting behind the Comet when Behemoth casts Ecliptic Meteor, and getting Wide Range 5 on the healer…
  • Tank needs to grab Enmity ASAP to prevent meteor and tornado spam.
  • DPS needs to be patient while Tank grabs Enmity. Stay near the edges so that tornadoes are positioned out of the way. Focus on avoiding meteor spam.
  • Save your Flash Pods for clearing Enmity if a DPS accidentally gets it.
  • Aside from the horn-breaking Sleep Bomb in the First Stage, save your Sleep Bombs for the fourth and final stage.
  • Everyone needs to get Health Boost 3. Healer included. No other skill in the game will save you from carting as much as Health Boost 3.

Basics: First Stage

  • First move will always be a roar.
  • Drop the giant crystals for massive free damage (two total).
  • If you have Sleep ammo, do a single Sleep Bomb on the head. The horns obstruct the head, so breaking them will greatly reduce the difficulty of grabbing Enmity for the Tank.
  • Do enough damage and he'll drop a Comet. Do some more damage and he'll cast Ecliptic Meteor and move on to the next area / stage.

Basics: Second Stage

  • First move will always be a tornado.
  • Lightning strikes will be added to his pool of attacks. They do significant chip damage, so healers should keep an eye on the Tank's health.
  • Otherwise keep up the onslaught, Comet drops, Ecliptic Meteor, next area / stage.
  • Depending on whether you've broken his horns and / or severed his tail, Behemoth will go to either the lava area or Nergigante's playground. Hence severing the tail is a good idea if you can do it, because it's much easier to fight Behemoth in Nergigante's playground (no lava, uneven terrain causes some of his attacks to miss, sliding attacks, etc.)

Basics: Third Stage

  • First move will always be a roar.
  • Behemoth will get a pinning / bleeding attack. Healers should use Astera Jerky to cure the bleeding if a DPS gets hit, otherwise the DPS will get Enmity. Flash Pods can also be used to clear Enmity, but Behemoth will become immune after 4 flashes.
  • Behemoth will also get an incredibly fast shoulder-slam attack that is effectively one-hit-KO. It also does significant chip damage through even the best shields. Thankfully it has limited range, so Tanks can sometimes avoid it by simply walking backwards with the shield up.
  • There is no Comet for this stage. Instead there is a DPS check – do enough damage, and Behemoth will move on to the final stage without casting Ecliptic Meteor.

Basics: Fourth Stage

  • First move will always be a tornado.
  • With a restricted area and environmental hazards against Behemoth's full moveset, prepare for a difficult fight.
  • Continue your assault as usual and he will drop a Comet, and then cast Ecliptic Meteor after taking more damage.
  • When the Comet is destroyed, there's not a lot of time before Behemoth starts attacking again. Prepare to block / evade.
  • Repeat two more times (total three Ecliptic Meteors). Keep in mind that you still fail the quest if you hit 0 carts despite slaying Behemoth.

Jump-dodging Ecliptic Meteor

  • I think the best 'tell' for timing the Jump with Ecliptic Meteor is hitting the button as soon as the meteor has fully exited the cloud.
  • Make sure you adjust for human reaction speeds – you may want to start pressing the button a tiny bit earlier so that you actually click the button at the precise moment where the meteor has fully exited the cloud.

Tanks should wear Earplugs 5

  • While your Shield may be able to neutralize Behemoth roars quite easily, I'd still consider Earplugs 5 mandatory. This is because Behemoth's roar is one of the few opportunities for drawing Enmity (especially true for Glutton HBG with the Spread 3 shots to head).
  • Without Earplugs 5, that roar can interfere with your re-positioning, which may make you miss the opportunity for drawing Enmity.
  • If you're close enough to Behemoth, it's possible for the roar to flank your shield.
  • If you get hit by the roar while close to Behemoth, you won't be able to block that one-hit-KO-shoulder-slam.
  • Bazel Helm, Chest, and Waist is a particularly good way of getting Earplugs 5. The set bonus gives you Guts, which will let you survive any attack with 1 HP left as long as your health isn't already too low. Just be careful with lightning – Bazel gear has poor lightning resistance.

Tanks should use Dragon Pods

  • There should be some Dragon Pods lying around after Stage 3; bringing some to Stage 4 can let you draw Enmity from a distance if Behemoth isn't cooperating.
  • Consider when you want to use them carefully – it would suck if Behemoth got slept by your teammates as soon as you got his attention.
  • Shooting them at his head and triggering a small stagger / flinch will automatically draw Enmity.
  • It takes about 3-5 hits to trigger the flinch, so aim carefully for the head.

Tanks should use Glutton HBG?

  • I don't actually know how to play Lance / Gunlance, but I suspect the Glutton HBG has an easier time Tanking Behemoth: longer effective range, more damage, more control over where you're aiming, etc.
  • Unfortunately the Taroth "Assault" Glutton is a rare drop from Kulve Taroth, so not everyone will have it.
  • If you happen to have a Glutton Gold Cannon however, it's only about 5% less effective than the Taroth "Assault" Glutton. Try not to accidentally sell it just because it's Rare 6.
  • You will want 3 Shield nods + Guard 5 + Guard Up (the maximum possible tankiness). This will maximize the amount of attacks that harmlessly bounce off your shield. Even with this setup, Behemoth has plenty of moves that will still do considerable chip damage through your shield …so don't add to the pile by sacrificing a Shield mod for a Close Range Up mod or a Recoil Suppressor mod.
  • <
    Here's my Glutton HBG build for reference.

Cluster Bombing is by far the easiest way to DPS

  • If your frustrations start to outweigh your weapon preferences, consider learning how to Cluster Bomb.
  • Not only is it easy to simply sit down and fire in the general direction of Behemoth once your Tank has everyone under control, you typically also have access to Sleep ammo for Sleep Bombing.

Healer should use Deep Vero Hunting Horn?

  • Two Cluster Bombing DPS is actually more than sufficient for clearing the DPS check.
  • In my experience, a Healer that tries to actively attack (e.g. Sword and Shield) is prone to dying, and can also often miss crucial heals.
  • Hence it's best to simply stand back with items at the ready. The Hunting Horn is particularly well-suited for this task, since your songs are still active while you're idle / standing by for healing via items.
  • Deep Vero is especially nice for its Attack Up (L) and Defense Up (L) songs, which deliver a massive ~20% stat boost to all players.
  • Keep in mind that the Health Boost (L) song can heal 50 HP regardless of Health boost from food, as long as the song isn't extending an existing Health Boost (L) song. Not a particularly helpful tip, but it's there if you need it.

If you must use another weapon…

  • Just make sure you have a good tank – one that can quickly grab Enmity before the battlefield is littered with tornadoes.
  • There is an Extreme Behemoth solo for every single weapon. However, the tactics employed during a solo may not be fully applicable to multiplayer (e.g. it's much harder to grab Enmity and / or DPS his paws / face when he's constantly switching targets).
  • Depending on your preferred weapon, you might actually have an easier time soloing Behemoth. Especially if you're willing to use Fortify.

Communication / Players

  • I know it's not always possible; I myself did all my runs with randoms in complete voice silence. However if you have the option to communicate, it definitely goes a long way.
  • If you notice any players that are doing very well (e.g. as a Tank, I try to find experienced Cluster Bombers), try to follow them to their session. There's a list of players you've recently played with …somewhere in the options menu; once you've selected a player you can try to join their session.

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