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MonsterHunterWorld9 - Rise Insect Glaive Silkbind Attacks

There is a lot of disappointment still going around about Insect Glaive's weapon trailer, and at least some of that disappointment is due to misinformation going around, so this is here to set some things straight and to put everything we know right now in one place (now that I've spent way too long rewatching the video).

Let me know if I have anything wrong, and I will try to fix it.

Recall Kinsect

Worst. Name. Ever.

The weapon trailer did an absolutely abysmal job of demonstrating how this move works, and the website is not all that much better. I had to watch the video frame by frame to actually figure out what was going on because it's really hard to see what the Kinsect was actually doing.

In both of the clips in the weapon trailer, the move is used while the Kinsect is still on the player's arm and not with the Kinsect already out. It's currently uncertain how the move will behave if the Kinsect is already out since we haven't seen this case yet.

When initiated with the Kinsect on the player's arm, the Kinsect does not perform "spinning attacks" like the website says; rather, it takes a circular path in front of the player in the same way that the Adept quick extract harvest attack works in Generations, and if the Kinsect connects with a monster during this animation, it picks up an extract.

On the player's end, the move behaves like the Absolute Readiness Art in Generations without the sharpness regeneration. However, the evade is performed in the air instead of on the ground, and the second clip shows that the animation can be canceled into a midair evade to avoid landing.

tl;dr at the end after you've already read it: This is the Adept quick extract harvest + Absolute Readiness, but recovers HP and Kinsect stamina instead of sharpness and ends with you in the air instead of on the ground.

Silkbind Vault


When used from the ground, this move looks comparable to the Aerial Style forward vault in Generations, which is considerably faster at closing distance than anything Insect Glaive has in World due to it giving you forward momentum for the entire duration of the vault.

For reference, the fastest gap closer for long distances that gets you back on the ground in Iceborne is Vault → Midair Evade → Descending Thrust, which is only slightly faster than just running on the ground and doesn't loop well if you can't make the full distance in a single loop.

When Silkbind Vault is used in the air, it covers roughly the same distance as when used from the ground. The website indicates that it can be followed up with any of the usual midair actions, so while it doesn't outright say it, I believe that it's still fair to make the assumption that using Silkbind Vault will reset your aerial combo.

Descending Thrust

This was shown as a Silkbind Attack in the Monster Hunter Direct footage, and it notably only performed the thrust attack without the follow-up swings or the Kinsect attack. Given that the additional attacks are missing and that it is a Silkbind Attack, it's likely that the damage will at least be higher than the downward thrust portion of the attack from Iceborne.


We know that the mounting system is being reworked for Rise, but we don't have any information yet about it. Gaijinhunter has mentioned multiple times that Wirebug-related attacks have resulted in blue damage numbers and has speculated that this is related to the new mounting system.

With both Silkbind Vault and Recall Kinsect being able to combo directly into aerial attacks, it's likely that aerial attacks following either move could potentially all result in blue damage numbers, potentially giving Insect Glaive back its edge in mounting.

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