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RNGesus blessed me today

MonsterHunterWorld5 - RNGesus blessed me today

I just wanted to share this amazingly lucky day!

From MHFU I used the LS and GS but during my 250+ hours of playing Iceborne I've never used another weapon aside from the HBG because I fell in love with it's usage. My personal favorite is the Accursed Below spread HBG from Tigrex because it makes me feel like i'm using a pump action shotgun. I know it's not the "Meta" because that would be the Loyal Thunder which I also have but I just prefer the feeling of pumping up my shotgun before unloading it on a monster and I'm not really speed running so I just go and enjoy the hunt no matter how long.

I've been on the lookout for some decos since I started to really build the set of skills I want. I was missing a Shield jewel, 2pcs of spread and 3 pcs of crit boost which are critical for me and the build that I desire. I've never had any of the jewels even as part of a combination jewel that we now get in Iceborne and I've been searching reddit for the best way to farm base game decos and lo and behold!

Today a couple of my dream events just returned! (Because I never encountered them in MHW since I bought the pack when IB released) Chungus and Lavaboi!!! It was such a sweet surprise because I didn't see them on the list when I checked the upcoming events for IB from Capcoms websire.


So I started grinding Lavaboi non stop for 4 hours (I had a consistent time of capturing him at around 3 minutes using my MR Gear and Solemn Reflection Sticky/Cluster build) which yielded me 4-5 Warped Feystones and I was lucky enough to fool the desire sensor because I kept shouting "Earplugs!" before appraising my warped feystones. LOL

It gave me the 2 spread and 3 crit boost jewels I needed. But I still wanted that shield deco to finish my build so I grinded for another 2 hours without any luck. I decided to finish my session and try again tomorrow but had the idea to try the Elder Melder before exiting and amazingly she gave me the shield jewel on my first meld!

I was so happy and excited that I can't even sleep immediately which I needed because I had to work later.

This post isn't meant to brag but I just wanted to share my luck because I know there are a lot of hunters with so many hours which hasn't had any luck with their target jewels yet and I am just so delighted that I got the decos I wanted with just over 250+hours.

Hopefully everyone can get their needed deco from Chungus or Lavaboi while they're here. Good luck hunters!

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