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Roleplayers of Monster Hunter, what is your Hunter’s backstory?

MonsterHunterWorld6 - Roleplayers of Monster Hunter, what is your Hunter's backstory?

Many of us make up stories for our Hunter due to them being a blank slate.

For my Hunter his story goes like this.

Lanslet's parents were among the second fleet's Hunters. Eventually they went back to the Old World to raise their unborn child. This child was trained almost entirely from birth to be a Hunter. Seven years later his younger brother Lanslet was born. The two brothers were trained together to hunt as one. They were shaping up to be a powerful team when they came of age to join the Commission.

However when Lanslet's older brother came of age here left on a hunt to slay a Barioth, but never came back. Reports said another Hunter found his body in a Rathalos nest. It was assumed he had been attacked on the road to the hunting grounds where the Barioth was at. From that point on a fire started to burn within Lanslet. He absolutely despised monsters, and he wanted to inflict as much pain as could on them to make them pay for what they did to his brother.

He trained nonstop till he was able to join the Commission. With a myriad of weapons Lanslet destoryed every monster he was sent to hunt. He never accepted capture quests because it was too merciful for them. His prowess in battle earned him the title of A-Lister, and when news that a fifth fleet was being prepared to go to the New World Lanslet was one of the first to volunteer.


Despite being in a new provence Lanslet continued to revel in the thrill of the hunt, and the absolute bloodlust he had. That was until a white knight clad in Rathian parts started hunting with him. Rumors had suggested that this Hunter never slew a single monster. His heart was too soft to end the life of an innocent animal. Lanslet saw this Hunter as a weak willed Hunter who couldn't bring himself to do what is necessary.

Even though they had conflicting ideologies they were an unmatched team. Begrudgly Lanslet captured every monster they hunted together. The extra materials were enough to keep him from bickering. Things changed however during one hunt. They were hunting a Rathian and a Rathalos. The knight took the Rathian and Lanslet took the Rathalos. Together they had forced both to their nest, and there Lanslet had a conflicting meeting. Usually his hatred blinded him from the pain he was causing, but the knight had taught him to let the hatred go. For the first time Lanslet saw the beauty the knight spoke of constantly. He saw the wyverns peacefully sleeping and couldn't bring himself to harm them.

From that day forth he pledged to never slay another monster unless absolutely necessary, such as the extremely destructive Elder Dragons. To this day he hopes he can cleanse the oceans of blood on his hands.

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