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Safi’Jiva PC Release March 19th – Question Mega-Thread! (Siege Spoilers)

MonsterHunterWorld4 - Safi'Jiva PC Release March 19th - Question Mega-Thread! (Siege Spoilers)

Secluded Valley Siege

Safi'Jiva Available to fight on PC from: March 20, 2020 00:00 (UTC) – April 22, 2020 23:59 (UTC)

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For the the time being please direct all Safi'Jiva siege related questions here! Please make sure to read the information and check the Capcom website before posting a question as your question may already have been answered. This post will be sorted by new to show the newest questions.

Thats all for now! Good luck PC hunters and happy hunting!!

How to Complete the Siege

  • Work with all the hunters in the Gathering Hub to hunt the unknown monster, driving it to the bottom level of the Secluded Valley.
    • Once a party in your Gathering Hub slays the monster, the siege is complete!
  • Deplete the Energy, Reach the Bottom Level
    • The unknown monster will suck up the energy from the area around it as its health decreases. Once the energy in an area has been completely depleted, it will seek out more energy deeper underground and move to a lower level. Besides regular attacks, be sure to also focus on breaking parts and using environmental attacks to deplete its energy and force it further underground.
  • Each siege's progress is shared with everyone in the same Online Session. Work with other hunters to deplete each level's energy and drive the monster to the lowest level.
  • Note:
    • Contributions from all parties in the Online Session are reflected towards the remaining energy levels within the siege.
    • If you move to another Online Session, that session's current energy levels will overwrite the levels of the session you left. If you make a new Online Session, the siege will reset to its initial state.

Drawing the Monsters Attention

  • The monster will doggedly focus its attacks on the hunter that deals the most damage to it. When a hunter is targeted, try to draw its attacks without making it move around too much, so that other hunters are able to focus their attacks on its parts. If the targeted hunter fails at keeping its attention, the monster will enter a much more dangerous, aggressive state.
    • Hunters who are not being focused can perform flinch shots on its head to draw its focus.
  • Almost all attacks from the unknown monster can be blocked by using the Guard Up skill. Hunters with superior defensive skills can turn the tide of battle, so help each other to get through the most dangerous moments of the siege!

Avoid the Powerful Attacks!

  • The unknown monster uses a massive area-clearing attack will cause you to faint in one shot, and cannot be dodged normally. Hide behind an obstacle in the environment as soon as you see it coming!

Checking Siege Progress

  • You can view siege progress by going to the quest counter in either the Astera or Seliana Gathering Hub, selecting Siege, and checking the info panel on the right side of the screen. You can also view the same information by accessing: Start Menu > Info > Safi'jiiva Siege Info.
  • Level Energy
    • Shows the remaining energy in each level of the Secluded Valley.
    • As participants in the siege complete objectives and the energy stores are depleted, it becomes easier to drive the monster deeper underground.
  • Reward Level
    • The reward level of the siege is based on how many siege objectives you've completed.
    • You will gain points upon completing objectives such as breaking the monster's parts or making it absorb energy. Once you reach a certain number of points, your reward level increases. The higher the reward level, the better the rewards.
    • You will also receive partial reward points for any objectives completed by other parties in the same Online Session.
  • Note:
    • You will only receive points the first time you complete each objective.
    • If you have received partial points from an objective completed by another party, you will receive the remainder of the points for that objective once your party completes it.
    • You must be online and signed into Steam in order to gain reward points from research objectives completed by other hunters.
    • Siege progress such as level energy and siege objectives are shared with everyone in the same Online Session. If you move to another Online Session, that session's current energy levels will overwrite the levels of the session you left. If you make a new Online Session, the siege will reset to its initial state.

Awakened Weapons

  • Once someone in your Online Session has successfully slain the unknown monster, you will be able to receive special rewards by going to the quest counter in either the Astera or Seliana Gathering Hub and accessing: Siege > Obtain Rewards.
  • You can hunt the monster as many times as you want after completing the siege. However, level energy and siege objectives are reset to their initial states for each new siege.
  • Note:
    • You can still obtain rewards outside of the quest's available period.
  • After a successful hunt of the unknown monster, you may obtain an awakened weapon.
    • You can choose which awakened weapons to choose from the item appraisal window. The number of appraised items and equipment you can get varies depending on your reward level.
  • Note:
    • Awakened weapons will be listed as rewards after completing the quest at a certain reward level.
    • You are guaranteed at least one weapon of the weapon type you have equipped at the time of appraisal.
  • You can bestow awakened abilities onto awakened weapons, which can be overwritten at any time so you can customize your weapon to your playstyle. Awakened weapons also all possess the same base attributes, and differ only by weapon type, element, and what awakened abilities they have been bestowed.
    • Bestowing awakened abilities requires special awakened materials that can be obtained from the siege. Take these materials to the Smithy to upgrade your awakened weapons.
    • Additionally, a new alchemy option has been added to the Elder Melder, which uses awakened weapons and the monster's materials. Use this new option to help upgrade your awakened weapons!

Upgrading Awakened Weapons

  • If you have an awakened weapon equipped while you or another hunter in your party completes an objective during the siege, your weapon's potential will increase. Your weapon's increase in potential will be displayed at the end of the quest on the result screen.
  • You can upgrade awakened weapons by going to the Smithy in Astera, Seliana, or the Research Base and selecting Upgrade Equipment.
  • Awakened abilities will manifest when you have enough potential, which can be built up by participating in the siege or by directly upgrading your weapon with awakened materials at the Smithy. Awaken new abilities as your potential increases to create an even more powerful weapon!

Bestowing Awakened Weapon Abilities

  • Once enough potential has built up, awakened abilities will manifest at random. Select an ability to add it to your weapon.

Overwriting Awakened Abilities

  • Awakened abilities can be overwritten with other awakened abilities.

Storing Potential

  • Instead of selecting a manifested ability, you can choose to store potential. By storing potential, the next time enough potential is built up to manifest an ability, the odds of getting a better awakened ability increases.

Unstackable Awakened Abilities

  • Some awakened abilities include bonus skills. However, these bonus skills that manifest as awakened abilities, as well some other rare awakened abilities, cannot be stacked.

Sealing and Awakening Alchemy

Sealing Alchemy

  • Meld awakened weapons to create awakened materials. The number of awakened materials you'll receive depends on the ingredients and the strength of the awakened weapon used. You cannot meld a currently equipped weapon.

Awakening Alchemy

  • Meld awakened materials to create awakened weapons. Add the required melding points to create unappraised awakened weapons.

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