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Everyone has a beautiful hunter, but unfortunately, not everyone knows how to show them off! Taking beautiful pictures of your badass armor, creative cosplay, or meta-changing build should never be difficult, so today, I plan to teach you how to take lovely screenshots to show to the world!

First off, boot your game and hop into the save of your favorite hunter. You know, the one you have hours upon hours on, the one who's slain dragons and fainted more times than you can count. The wonderful hunter you wish to show off to the world.

Second step: doll them up! Stop by your quarters to adjust hair, makeup, eye color, and more. You don't have access to the entire character creator once you've begun the game, but you do get a few options to keep your hunter fresh and unique as your playthrough continues, so be sure to check for new unlocked makeup patterns, and remember to grab the free hairstyles on the Xbox/PlayStation store! Equip the most fashionable armor set you've got, pigment it just right, toss on any layers you need to make it just perfect, and be sure to get a good-looking weapon!

Step three, save and quit. Return to the main menu, and instead of selecting "start game", select the gallery. From there, choose the hunter you've gotten all ready for their photoshoot, and then you'll be greeted by a list of all cutscenes you've unlocked for that hunter.


From there, you get to launch the cutscenes, and watch through them. I recommend watching them at least once without pausing, just to get an idea where any good close-up shots of your hunter are, then go back through the cutscene again and begin taking screenshots! For those on Xbox, a handy tip is that the screenshot is taken of the frame that you open the Xbox sidebar by pressing the center button, so while the cutscene continues to play, know that pressing Y will capture the frame the menu was opened, not the frame currently being displayed. If you're on a newer console, be sure to check that your screenshots are being saved in the highest quality possible!

Good cutscenes for sceenshots are Kushala Daora's intro, Nergigante's intro, Teostra's intro, the cutscenes during the Wildspire escort missions and the Wildspire monster intros, plus plenty more! Experiment to your heart's content, and don't be afraid to go for risky shots!

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ZqSP8Yn - Screenshot Tutorial/Tips

a small portfolio (warming: with potential spoilers) of what's possible, featuring my own hunter. Don't be afraid to equip low-tier armor, things like Vespoid or Pukei can look very pretty, and since you aren't out in the wild, you don't really need to worry about stats! Just go wild, take as many pictures as you can, and link them so that we can all see your marvelous monster hunter!

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