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Seven Deadly Sins As Monsters

MonsterHunterWorld3 - Seven Deadly Sins As Monsters

This is something I thought of and posted for fun for Super Smash Bros. characters so I felt like doing one for Monster Hunter too.

So, which monsters best embody the Seven Deadly Sins?

Here’s My Take:

  • Pride: Zinogre

The Zinogre is probably one of the most expressive monsters in the whole series. Motherfucker knows how cool he is and flaunts it. It rolls/cracks its neck as if warming up before a fight and has one of the most flashy and unique movesets of any monster. I’m not biased or anything but everything about this monster screams “look at me, I’m so fucking badass and I know it” from its almost overly-designed appearance and rocking battle theme.

This same Pride can also be its downfall. It will occasionally strut around hunters with its head held up high and without a care in the world even if it’s leaving itself open to attacks doing so. Zinogre doesn’t give a fuck!

  • Greed: Ahtal-Ka

The Ahtal-Ka is a unnervingly highly-intelligent giant, golden praying mantis that raids human settlements for materials and pilots its own mech. It collects even manmade weapons and brings them back to its lair.

  • Wrath: Rajang

One of the angriest and most dangerous non-Elder Dragon monster in the entire series. The rampaging, raging, Rajang perfectly embodies Wrath. It’s movements and attacks are extremely aggressive and brutal. The ultimate greenhorn hunter killer and induces PTSD in veterans.

When enraged, its arms turn red and become armored and its fur turns gold.

In such a state, the Wrathful Rajang would even be too pissed off to simply jump out of Pitfall Traps.

What could possibly be more wrathful then an angry, Super Saiyan, electric minotaur gorilla?

  • Envy: Bazelgeuse

I never played World but from what I hear, the Bazelgeuse has earned the infamous reputation of zeroing in on hunters and monsters currently engaged in combat. As if it’s “envious” of the attention and wants to join the fun.

Without a doubt, it probably is a very competitive apex predator that’s always willing to seek out the strongest competition in order to take its place as the top of the food chain.

  • Lust: Kulve Taroth

This was hard to decide. It was either Rathian simply for being easily recognizable as a female-only monster or Kirin for the female armor and lewd fan art it inevitably spawned as a result.

Personally, since it’s initial release I think Kulve Taroth has become a strangely sexualized monster in the fan base which is hilarious. In a way, hunters “lust” after her shimmering loot like a miner thirsty for gold or uh other stuff.

Many innuendoes were made regarding fighting against this massive beast (remember the old “banging her against a wall post”?), not to mention the obvious fan art and this:

  • Gluttony: Deviljho

Does this even need an explanation? This demonic dinosaur will devour entire species into extinction as well as lesser monsters. This monster lives to eat.

  • Sloth: Lao-Shan Lung

Slowest fight in the whole series. You might as well fall sleep in base camp for a bit while hunting this thing in MHGU. That’s it.

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