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Shara Ishvalda – Theory

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First things first, this is all mere speculation and no officially confirmed story or theory so take it with a grain of salt. If you want to read only the core part of the theory you can skip to paragraph 5 and 6: "Shara's origins" and "Shara's wing hands"

To start off, I'm Indian and was actually part of Hinduism for half of my life so I know a thing or two about asian religions and culture in general. Shara Ishvalda is an absolutely phenomenal bossfight not only because of the music, theory and the designs. The gameplay is satisfactory and makes you feel threatened even behind the screen, Shara is just like a final boss should be.

The lotus: We can see some common themes and patterns that occur in relation to Shara- The lotus flower, The deep connection to nature (body made out of tree stumps), All the inspiration from ancient mythology, The power level, etc. The lotus might be linked to Brahma or even Vishnu, but fact is that all Hindu gods related to a lotus are on a very high power level if not the origin of all Hindu gods. This led me to believe that Shara must play a HUGE part in the entire Monster Hunter universe, especially the New World and Tale of the five. It might actually be a major part of the core and origins of the bioenergy that keeps elder dragons and the world alive.

The third eye: There is a little area on Shara's forehead that actually looks like a spot for a third eye and considering all other things, it isn't unlikely that Shara actually has a third eye. It might even be the straight explanation behind why Shara looks at the camera instead of the hunter, because the heightened level of universal awareness tells it that there is a greater power at play. The 3rd eye itself ties in with the symbolic meaning of the lotus flower in Buddhism: Enlightenment.

Shara's origins: The first time I started seeking answers regarding Shara's origins is after the realization that such a powerful monster does not simply leave it's safezone and home territory without having a serious threat that forces it to do so. That creates the question of who the intruder is. I personally believe that the monster that threatened Shara hasn't ever been shown in MH: World yet, the only current candidate would have been the now dead Xeno'Jiva. Maybe this intruder is linked to the little end section of the 15th anniversary video.


Shara's wing hands: This is the part of the theory that seems the most plausible. If you look closely at Shara's wing fingers, you will notice that they are firstly red and secondly look a little like they have freshly been torn apart off something else. My theory is that these parts of its body connected it to the roots of something underground and once it had to leave from there it had to break the connection and rip the wing hands out of their initial position. Where would these roots go then? Perhaps the entire world, if Shara was underground and connected to big parts of the New World the energy imbalance that Shara caused by ripping these out of there would explain most of Iceborne's plot- The subspecies, The change in monster behaviors, The attraction of new elders, etc. An alternative theory would be that underground Shara was part of the big tree in the ancient forest, but that wouldn't justify the tremendous amount of power in it. Now, if you analyze the colors on its body further considering that they show how soft or hard the body part is you could backtrace exactly how Shara was buried beneath the ground and look at which parts were connected to what.

The human element: From all MH dragons so far, Shara Ishvalda is the only one that has a serious human element to its design. It has humanlike teeth, it uses its wing hands like actual hands, it shoots energy rays (or wind pressure rays) exactly where you are standing, it has a very natural and wide move set and even its face eerily looks human. The human element might be an indicator that this creature has trascended to a higher intelligence and evolved to a level where it slowly starts getting human elements to it.

If anyone reads all of this, thank you! Hopefully this makes sense, and let me know about your thoughts.

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