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Sharing Gaijin Hunter Prowlers at 10pm Eastern time tonight, Wednesday (USA time)

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I've now closed my hub, but /u/MavZERU is now sharing for a little while, till around 11pm Eastern (US):

Hub ID: 41-5452-8573-8470

Passcode: 1111

There have been requests for the Gaijin Hunter Prowlers lately. These are the Prowlers shown in these two videos:


  • This post will be updated at 10pm with a hub id and a passcode you can then use to connect to. No friend requests needed.
  • The hub will stay open for at least 15 mins, maybe longer if people keep showing up. I'll update this post when I close it.
  • Please leave the hub after you've received the cats so others can join. I'm not sure of the etiquette here, but if the hub fills I will kick those who have received the cats to make room for others – don't be offended.
  • I just received the cats day before yesterday and am still early enough in the game that I got them as level 5 prowlers. They're all 10-15 now, but you may have to level them up.
  • Please pay it forward and do this yourselves in a little while.

You'll need to unlock some of the support moves and skills on these prowlers. I made a spreadsheet to make it easier to track this. Use File > Make a copy if you want to use it. The ticked ones are those I've finished, untick them all to start with. The coloring is automatic. The first six columns are the GH prowlers, the rest are mine.

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