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Shining Finger Sword – A 100% Affinity Taroth Switchaxe Build

img intro02 1024x503 - Shining Finger Sword - A 100% Affinity Taroth Switchaxe Build

So alot of the Taroth Axe Weapons, seem like they really need some work in builds to get some use out of them. The R8 Taroth Axe "Paralysis" is no different. Its clearly made to be used as a paralysis weapon. But with a higher raw then the nergigante weapon, hidden element and no need for handicraft, even at blue sharpness this axe can be made into a formidable critical build.


Take a look at my build below and let me know what you guys think!

Weapon: R8 Taroth Axe "Paralysis" – Augmentation 10% Affinity (Can also be health augment) – Deocration: Elementless Jewel 2

Head: Nergigante Helm Alpha – Deocration: Attack Jewel 1

Chest: Kulve Taroth Ire Alpha – Decoration: – Expert Jewel 1

Gloves: Kaiser Vambraces Alpha – Decoration: Expert Jewel 1

Waist: Nergigante Coil Beta – Decoration: Tenderizer Jewel 2

Legs: Nergigante Graves Beta – Decoration: Critical Jewel 2

Charm: Attack Charm LVL 3


All together this set gives you the following skill bonuses:

Attack Boost LVL 7

Critical Boost LVL 3

Weakness Exploit LVL 3

Maximum Might LVL 3

Stun Resistance LVL 2


Critical Eye LVL 2

Non Elemental Boost LVL 1

101% Affinity On Weak Spots


PLUS Nergigante Set Bonus: Nergigante Hunger


This build does an incredible amount of damage since the switchaxe does not use stamina while its attacking, and with 100% Critical rate on weak spots you are getting an insane amount of DPS per hit.

A quick test at the training area has this build clocking in at nearly 700 Damage per morph swing combo, which is incredibly high damage for such a wide swinging and fast attack that can easily be looped.

The build is also relatively cheap and affordable only using one attack jewel, one critical boost jewel and several other common decorations. This build is great for anyone looking to try out the new taroth weapons!

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The R8 Taroth Axe may also give the axe of demons a run for its money, as the need for no handicraft (No white sharpness) helps it slot more affinity boosts for an overall DPS increase when combined with Crit Boost LVL 3. At Crit Boost LVL 3, Affinity becomes much valuable then the average raw attack boost. The axe also comes with a rather large chunk of blue, making it a safe weapon to use without any sharpness jewels.


Let me know what you think below and enjoy hunting Goldilocks!

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