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Should a weapon’s popularity influence my using of it?

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Strangely worded question but I'll explain what I mean. Out of the 14 weapons available 3 really stuck with me to varying degrees. GS feels really nice to hit with and I like charging aerial attacks but that's about all. HH has some nice complexity with songs and it feels good to hit with, but again it is missing something. Then there is the LS, which I feel is the weapon that "clicked". It looks great, even the base models that are used. The attacks feel fluid, the weapon feels mobile, yet the attacks feel strong. Helmbreaker is so much fun to use and, bar none, Foresight Slash is my favorite move in the game. Something about a counter where you avoid any damage only to dish out your own in return is just so, so, so satisfying. Also the sound it makes when pulling it off correctly is great.


However, I feel that I cannot use the LS. Due to its status as the most popular weapon (I believe it has 20% of the playerbase?) and it being a much maligned weapon in multiplayer I feel that I shouldn't be using it. That I shouldn't add another LS user for people to get annoyed at into the pile. Conversely I feel that I should be using hunting horn, as I do derive joy from using it but not as much as from LS. It is the least used weapon (1% of the population I believe) and is also highly regarded as amazing for multiplayer for the almost cheat level buffs it can apply. Basically due to the weapon I love being used the most and not regarded highly, I feel that I need to use a weapon that I like but don't love. Should I be feeling this way, or am I just overthinking this and making it out to be worse than it is?

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