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Should I call it quits?

MonsterHunterWorld5 - Should I call it quits?

MHW is my first Monster hunter title admittedly. I have around 150 hours of playtime and currently at HR 56. I only play solo and I've been using the switch axe weapon ever since I started.

Don't let that playtime fool you though. Majority of that time isn't me actually enjoying the time spent on the game. Most of that time is me either having the game on in the background while scrolling through Arekkz channel to try and understand the mechanics of this game to improve my MH fundamentals or micro managing literal shit tons of items, NPCs, skill/armor ect ect… to accomplish the same thing

The first portion of the game felt alright because you didn't have to understand the absurd amount of mechanics in the game to progress and it was mostly getting around the combat system and improving that way, which was fun I admit. But now the game feels like a huge chore unfortunately. Not because of farming or anything, but because of the sheer amount of information and micro managing that you must indulge yourself in for improvement. I swear, I think I've been using the same exact equipment since HR 14 because even thinking of trying anything different and understanding what can do what to your build just doesn't seem worth it. Same thing with weapons and items. I'll try to convey my perspective:

How I currently view Armor & Skills:

  • 100+ Pieces of armor with each piece having skills of their own.
  • Each skill being very important to your build thus requiring a much greater analysis of each armor piece
  • Which skills are the best for whatever weapon you are using
  • understanding each armor sets elemental properties for improving defense.
  • Which armor and skills works best with one another for the most optimal build for your playstyle or overall
  • Fuck this shit i'll just stick with whatever I have on

How I currently view Weapons

  • 10+ different weapons to choose from with each having a very big learning curve.
  • Each weapon having a weapon "tree" that offers 100+ variations of that weapon with each variation having its own unique damage/elemental properties.
  • Understanding which variation works best for your build and utilizing decorations and armor skills for optimization.
  • Understanding which weapon variation works best for your armor set, skills and understanding affinity and elemental properties for proper optimization
  • Fuck this shit I'll just use whatever I have on

How I currently view Items

  • Items that are consumable
  • Items that are used to craft consumable items
  • Items that are used with other items to craft consumable items that buff you
  • Items that are used with other items to craft traps, escapes ect…
  • Items that are used with other items to craft ammo
  • Fuck this shit I'll just stick with mega potions and nullberrys

I suppose my current approach isn't all bad considering I was able to beat pretty much everything barring behemoth by myself, I even beat HR49 Tempered Kirin by myself on my first try with whatever awful equipment I have on that I never changed, but I still feel completely lost and honestly, just want to feel powerful, knowledgeable & satisfied with this game and I just don't think that'll ever happen with the sheer amount of homework you must do.

Since this is a Monster Hunter sub-reddit, i'd assume this would be the better place for attempting a change of views, but I also understand i'm a noob and most people here probably aren't, so my current situation is probably pretty foreign to most here.

If anyone reads this and truly thinks quitting would be the better option, than i'll likely do it and move on to other things. I'll add that these are similar reasons why some of my pals quit the game as well on Xbox. I didn't understand what they meant then, but I definitely understand what they meant now.

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