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Should I use Hunting Horn?

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I like HH a lot, but there are a few things keeping me from using it. Namely:

  • Lack of a counter, although this is probably the least impactful, it just is fun. I have enjoyed weapons both with (Lance) and without (Insect Glaive) so, again, not really a big deal.
  • Lack of flashiness, this one is somewhat of a big deal. I like there being some flashiness to it. However, the performances and encores can be flashy, depending on the situation. Also flashy doesn't always mean fun I have learned. Gunlance is super flashy (and also looked really fun) but after preparing to do it and really get into it, I found it quite underwhelming.
  • Lack of tail severing, this one honestly doesn't matter. I thought it mattered more because cutting tails is so satisfying, but lately I've actually had a harder time cutting tails because when I go for them the monster always turns to face me anyway.
  • Supposedly being weaker than other weapons (which I don't really buy into but I can't confirm nor deny it). Again, I don't believe that it is weaker (I think it got a 15% buff when DevilJho came out?) but as someone who enjoys breaking parts and taking names, less damage makes both of those more difficult.

Despite this, as I said I enjoy HH a lot. I have never fought a HR monster with in but in the times I have tried it I tend to just pound the monster into submission never letting up and that is quite fun. Also, keeping all buffs (even the non-needed ones) in the purple gives me something to do and I find that really satisfying for some reason. So should I just go all the way and start focusing on HH, or should I not?


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