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Shoutout to the guys I just hunted tempered Jho with

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I was responding to an SOS and you guys are so fu*king cool it was like being in a movie sequence or an epic anime battle.

I start off the hunt by analyzing our team composition. The host was a Lance user. Same as with me. The third guy was on Sword and Shield and lastly a chinese guy on dual blades (i was half expecting him to triple cart).

The host was already preparing to engage devil jho just as I was grabbing standard stuff from the supply box. But man when I got to where she was at. When I realized she had the same lance (fiendish tower) I did, my enjoyment was through the roof.

Almost the entire fight was a flawless clockwork of display of monster hunting. It was a machine at work. Me and the host we’re in sync almost half the time poking with the circle, circle, circle, x, then repeat combo.

The dual blades user had ungodly dodging skill (he could’ve been using evade window/extender). He got hit once and I saw it only took out a third of his hp meaning he had over 430 defense at least. But even before he could get back up. The SnS user would already cover for the heals via wide range.

Not only that, he/she would keep placing traps all over the area each time jho was distracted on the lancers (me and host) . I know he/she was crafting them too (he/she placed around 4 before we switched areas). But what’s surprising was that the dual blades user was doing the same thing as well.


We had massive windows to attack jho covering each of his sides when he got trapped. And I really appreciate both of them for the traps they placed. The fight moved on to the next area and not even once had I’ve been tripped by the dual blades user yet (i know right, how is that possible?).

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Well, same thing happened for the duration of the match. It was insansely satisfying to fight jho that way. Attacking for 2 seconds, guard, hearing jho’s attacks hit 3 shields. Repeat. Buffs constantly in place.

Dual blades user got carted once but it was fine (hope he doesn’t feel too bad about it) there was nothing he could do.

Fight ended at 16 minutes with a capture. And I was just spamming the thumbs up picture and good work shoutout after carving. What an experience

TL;DR I thank you, wherever you guys are, for this experience. That was the best fight I have had in the entire 200 hours of MH:W and I’m sorry for the wall of text but I just had to share

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