Monster Hunter World

Simple HR Progression and Focus Guide

MonsterHunterWorld10 - Simple HR Progression and Focus Guide

This is a simple guide to help newer players catch and not be discouraged by how far they are from end game. Hopefully this gives new players something to aim for.

This game includes a big part of decoration, gear crafting and farming. Some Event quests such as Kulve Taroth & Behemoth are available at HR16, but most players fresh at HR16 would struggle with it. Don't give up, continue with the main progression objectives and go back when ready.

HR Main Progression Objectives Notes, Side Quests & Events to focus on when available
Evergreen Complete weekly bounties to get Golden Wyverian Tickets that can be used to exchange rare monster gems, allowing you to alleviate dependency on RNG. Clear optional to upgrade your "garden", an array of mantles that boost your hunts, and other nifty upgrades to your kitchen. When you see an "!" on the map, clear it!
1-14 Aim to clear the story ASAP (to remove HR cap); hunt monsters to make base armor sets that give you useful skills for your weapon of choice (meta builds; check out the transitional gear section) Generally refer to the event table and attempt those avaliable within your HR. Don't miss the Wiggle Me This, Hunter's Dream, Try to farm Greeting the Gluttons for useful food vouchers.
15-29 Focus on clearing bounties to collect armor spheres that will help with gear crafting. You will need alot! Dante's Set; USJ Armor Sets;
15-29 Start your decoration collection through Tempered Monster hunts here. You can hunt Tier 1 Tempered Monsters now. They show up as investigations with purple reward boxes. The purple boxes can give you decorations as rewards. Try the Triple Threat Throwdown for Deco farming before you can take on Tempered Elder Dragons.
29 Hunt two Tempered Bagels (Beyond the Blasting Scales) to unlock HR 29
30-49 (before unlocking augmentation) Start Tier 2 Tempered Monster hunts for more decorations and also pray for a your FIRST WARRIOR/HERO Streamstone drop to unlock augmentation! You will get Streamstones before your first Warrior/Hero streamstone. Augmentation is unlocked only AFTER you get either the Warrior's or Hero's streamstone. The other streamstones/shards do not count.
30-49 (after unlocking augmentation) Continue your Tier 2 Tempered Monster hunts but you would have unlocked augmentation, please augment your "meta/desired" ARMORS first! It will help with your survivability. Check out Team BRG's Weapon Augmentation FAQ.
49 Hunt Tempered Kirin (Thunderous Rumble in the Highlands) to unlocked Tempered Dragons (TED).
49-99 You have unlocked Tempered Dragons! If you have fully augmented your armors, it is more efficient to farm TEDs for decorations and Warrior/Hero streamstones together. Don't worry, the time will come (when your weapons are augmented) when you revisit the Tier 2 monsters to focus on pure decoration farming in a bid to get that elusive decoration. When fully augmented (or if you are suitably skilled) you can try taking on Kulve Taroth and farm for its possibly meta-weapons. Anyway, you should have a hang of the game content by now. Go and try all event quests when available!
100 Clear "The Sapphire Star's Guidance" Why are you still reading this? You are the Sapphire Star! You will guide Astera!
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