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Hello Hunter.

Endgame spoilers, tread carefully.

I am making this post displaying a support build guideline due to the lack of text based builds out there, not everybody wants to watch a video plus by doing this I can provide links to the corresponding items and just make everybody's life that much easier.

I was going to make a similar post on the release of Kulve Taroth & Behemoth since ideally you want to be running 2 DPS, 1 Tank and 1 Support while in there but I never got around to it, obviously this build is still super nice in normal hunts.

I'm gonna state now rather than later, this build requires you to be at endgame, this build can not be made properly until you have completed the story and have made it too a point in which you can farm for jewels. (I feel this warning is necessary due to many posts not stating this before hand then proceeding to waste 10 minutes of your life.)

I am going to attempt to display the information I am presenting in the most clear and informative way that I can rather than it being an eye soar. I will also be providing corresponding links to each thing if I feel its necessary.

The reason I am using Sword and Shield for this build is because it is debatably the best weapon for the support role due to its high mobility and its ability to let you use some items/slinger whilst the weapon is drawn.

Ok, here we go…

Sword and Shield Support Build

Type Gear Jewels
Weapon Empress Edge "Styx" Handicraft Jewel 3, Protection Jewel 1
Head Guild Cross Circlet Beta Friendship Jewel 1 (x3)
Chest Dober Mail Alpha Attack Jewel 1
Arms Vaal Hazak Braces Beta Gobbler Jewel 1 (x3)
Waist Empress Coil Beta Critical Jewel 2, Jumping Jewel 2
Legs Empress Greaves Alpha Satiated Jewel 1, Expert Jewel 1
Charm Mushroom Charm II N/A
Tool #1 Temporal Mantle N/A
Tool #2 Health Booster N/A

NOTE: The Handicraft Jewel can be swapped out for a Brace Jewel which in turn will make it so you wont get knocked around by your teammates normal attacks.

All of this put together will provide you with:

Weapon Stats

This is without augmenting, you do actually have 1 augment slot, feel free to choose.

Weapon Stats Amount
Attack 279
Affinity 13%
Element Blast
Element Value 210
Sharpness White
Elder Seal N/A

Armor Stats

This is assuming you upgrade each piece to its default cap, defense can be much higher with augmenting.

Armor Stats Amount
Defense 368
Water 6
Thunder 2
Ice -8
Dragon -3


NOTE: As stated above, the Handicraft Jewel can be swapped out for a Brace Jewel which in turn will make it so you wont get knocked around by your teammates normal attacks.

Skill Amount Brief Description
Wide-Range 5/5 Mandatory skill, makes it so when you use food, drinks, powders and Mushrooms your teammates will also receive the benefits if they are close enough. (5/5 Has high range)
Divine Blessing 3/3 Sometimes when you are hit you will receive 50% less damage. (Good for keeping you alive when you shouldn't be.)
Attack Boost 3/7 Increases your base attack damage so you can actually participate in the fight rather than being a passive support.
Mushroomancer 3/3 This beauty allows you to consume mushrooms for buffs, works with wide range.(Ill go over this below this table.)
Speed Eating 3/3 Allows you to eat and drink items 70% faster, really nice at getting yourself and teammates back in the fight.
Tool Specialist 2/3 Shortens the cooldown of your tools by 10%, allowing you to wear your mantle and put your healing booster down more often.
Health Boost 2/3 Name says it all, simply increases your health pool a bit allows you to tank some hits you probably shouldn't.
Peak Performance 1/3 Increases your base attack damage slightly when you have full health. (This is on often since you are constantly healing teammates which in turn heals yourself.)
Handicraft 1/5 Increases your white sharpness a bit so no mr deflecto.
Critical Boost 1/3 Increases your critical hit damage.
Evade Extender 1/3 Allows you to roll further than you would by default which in turn helps with dodging attacks and re-positioning.
Free Meal 1/1 Mandatory skill, gives you a 25% chance of not consuming your items. (In theory giving you more health potions/mushrooms/food/powders if RNG blesses you.)
Critical Eye 1/7 Increases your weapons affinity a very small amount in turn allowing you to do more damage overall.
Razor Sharp / Spare Shot 1/1 Halves sharpness loss whilst fighting so you wont need to use a whetstone for a whole phase or potentially 2
Stamina Cap UP Set Bonus 2 (Lunastra Pieces) Simply increases your stamina cap, allows you to spam more stamina hurting combos.

Mushrooms Explained

Ok so the mushroom aspect of the build is really cool IMO.

The mushroomancer skill allows you to consume specific mushrooms which in turn give you buffs, below I am going to list of what mushrooms can be consumed and what their corresponding buffs are.

Mushroom Buff Duration Description
Blue Mushroom Potion N/A Instantly gives a small amount of health
Mandragora Max Potion N/A Instantly gives you full health and increases health cap to max. (NOTE: This does not work with wide range, because ya know… OP)
Nitroshroom Demondrug Until the end of a hunt or you die. Increases raw attack power by 5. Can be stacked with Might Seed and the Canteen Buff. (If you use a Mega Demondrug this will be cancelled.)
Parashroom Armorskin Until the end of a hunt or you die. Increases defense by 15. Can be stacked with Adamant Seed and the Canteen Buff. (If you use a Mega Armorskin this will be cancelled.)
Toadstool Immunizer 5 Minutes Increases health recovery speed. (The red part on your health when you are hit turns yellow and comes back quicker.)
Devil's Blight Dash Juice 4 Minutes Any stamina influenced action is reduced by half and stamina regens really quickly. (Dual Blades and Bow users will love you.)
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NOTE: Typically I always run with all 6 mushrooms AND Might/Adamant Seeds since they stack for you and other party members.

You have now arrived at the end of the build, if I have missed anything don't hesitate to drop a comment.

As you can see I tried to make a Support build that one, makes you really proficient at your role and two, are still able to dish out damage and still help your team with the kill or capture…pacifists…. The build isn't toooo crazy to make, my original idea was using Arch Tempered Vaal pieces but I missed the event and I didn't have any mushroomancer jewels so this is what came of it.


I used Fextralife as a source for my Wiki links, I know they get a lot of criticism but their content is still on top so they must be doing something right.

This is a link to a previous Hunting Horn guide that I made awhile ago, not sure how well it has aged but the main reason I am linking it is because at the bottom I had presented a farming build that will help you gather materials, mushrooms and points.

  • Monkey's Hunting Horn Guide + Farming Build

Well yeah.. you did it.. you made it to the end of the post. I hope this helps somebody out.

Happy Hunting! -Monkey


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