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So, a bit of a rant on the evolution of combat and other stuff in the series

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Before write anything, this is most likely my own opinion, and feeling about the evoltulion of the combat, based on my own experiece over the years, some stuff can be off since I'm still learning, it's never too late to learn they say, so if I said something that is wildly wrong, I would like to invite you to say so.

So far, I've played MH1 and a bit of the MH2, some of the PsP games on the emulator with some friends, recently mhgen and mh4u, and recently have giving a try to frontier Z. The main reason to writing it, is mhfz. That game is incredible old now, receiving expansion since 2007, but yet, the combat feels so old, maybe similar to mhp3rd or mhfu, it's not really a complain, but the way of play lead me to reflect in what I would be using and how games improved it's combat as the years have passed.

For example on mh4u I basically start play just SnS at a certain point of the game, cause of the ledge mechanic is so fun to play sometimes. Also, it got me thinking, about how the devs, even didn't explicit dictated a way of play and yet you can see some hints in the moves of efficient ways to play. I know for some people it could be a negative way, but yet, in past I tried to play with LS, and it always felt so weird to play with, to be honest the reason was because I didn't know how to play it properly, I've been "getting gud" lately, but the 2 slashe, poke, spirit attacks and slash with dodge felt so weird in old games. From what I understand in modern games the idea is to keep "dancing" around the monster to keep the dps and keep your spirit level at the highest level possible.

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So I've been wondering about those lines lately about the whole series while giving a try to mhfz before world comes to PC. I think the "arial" combat was a nice thing they tried with 3rd and 4th gen games, which in my opinion really paid off, and the bigger diversity of moves as well, even tho some moves aren't optimal for the best dps rotation, still nice to have some stuff that can be used in cases which rotation isn't possible, or simple for fun.

But I would like hear your guys thoughts as well, since I've been back playing the game actively lately, and I think the best way to learning stuff is with other people experience, so feel free to point out anything wrong that I said, any constructive comments are really welcome not just for me, but for anyone who is willing to improve.

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