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So I had a theory about Xeno

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Me and a friend of mine were fighting Xeno because we needed gems and the thought crossed my mind. What if xeno isnt necessarily a new elder dragon but rather an amalgamation of all the elder dragons in the new world. First is its name Xeno has a couple definitions but the one that stands out to me is "different in origin" now from day one ive just assumed that Xeno was just from another land however as ive fought him and learned his attack patterns ( more on this later) ive begun to thing otherwise. Next are some story details I glanced over until I started formulating this thought. After beating pink rathian you unlock the elders recess (spoilers? idk) the admiral states that there are some crazy energy spikes and that something is stirring up the elder dragons. I'm inclined to believe this is the energy of the elder dragons being drained somehow and being kind of crystallized into Xeno. now for my final point and actually what inspired this is his attack style. Sure it became clear to me that Xeno was new born or at least not used to the form he is in the first time I fought him as he makes mistake in combat hence him getting himself stuck in essentially a pitfall trap but recently ive noticed a few other things. Most of his attacks are borrowed from the other elder dragons. His beam other when he shoots the ground is nearly identical pathing to vaals. He has a super nova move just like teostra. His sweeping biting attacks are mirror images of the same move used by Kush master dragon. and just like nerg he has very reckless dive bombing moves where he uses his whole body as his weapon. The only catch is I can't figure out how or if Kirin fits in other than the occasional charge but admittedly ive only fought Kirin twice the tempered version for HR 50 and the botanical side quest. That is everything I have so far let me know what yall think!

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