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So I’ve Been Pondering About Safi, Alatreon & The Secluded Valley …

MonsterHunterWorld3 - So I've Been Pondering About Safi, Alatreon & The Secluded Valley ...

Since the Fatty update and the end of Iceborne I've been left wanting an explanation as to why such a powerful apex monster like Alatreon would go to TSV (The Secluded Valley) even while it is inhabited by another powerful apex like Safi.

We never see these two monsters interact directly, only through npc dialogue and npc speculation do we get any info on the matter…and it just leaves more questions for me.

Alatreon as we all know HATES being in the vicinity of anything living (likes to live in the most uninhabitable places possible), especially something that could contend with it in power, the same could be said for Safi as it attacks anything living (namely us) without any provocation.

Why the hell didn't these two monsters try to kill eachother? Yes I'm aware that we slay Safi but the npc dialogue (if I understand it correctly) implies that at the time of Alatreon's arrival Safi is still alive and chilling within TSV.

It's left me wondering these past few months as to what the connection is between the two? Did Safi like Xeno release a pheromone to draw Alatreon in to feed off it's bio energy? Did Alatreon simply sense competition from Safi and decided to drop in to dispose of the threat (we fight him at this point) and feed off the bio energy from Safi itself.

Or do Alatreon & The Jiiva line have deeper connection, like having a mutual/symbiotic partnership of sorts (similar to clownfish with sea anemone) with Alatreon protecting Safi at times (including the still cocooned individuals as we see multiple cocoons within TSV) while Safi feeds on the bio energy making the area around barren and dead (which Alatreon prefers) or potentially breed or something to that nature?


If they do breed (or Alatreon devours Safi's bio energy) maybe that whole "Shining Blue Dragon" theory/mention may have some credibility, A White Alatreon as seen in concept art in Monster Hunter Illustrations 2, (
tumblr np8gcvkzqp1t2jeblo6 1280 - So I've Been Pondering About Safi, Alatreon & The Secluded Valley ... and was supposedly mentioned in past games with blue fire that make it's white scales sparkle…

The blue fire could be from the pure dragon energy that the Jiiva line naturally possess and could've been passed down to this individual through breeding with The Jiiva, Alatreon absorbing it from devouring Safi itself or from a unique individual just evolving/mutating over time due to natural causes or by being directly exposed to the bio energy from the everstream itself.

I know some of these are farfetched as hell but Capcom kinda left everything hanging with it, leaving alot open for speculation…c'mon Capcom your killing me here, you left us such a juicy mystery with little explanation!

Thoughts or other theories?

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