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So i’ve completed Freedom Unite solo.

MonsterHunterWorld9 - So i've completed Freedom Unite solo.

Well, that's not entirely true. I didn't beat 3 last G-rank quests. The Fatalis trio? Why? Well, i'll tell you. But i can't just jump to the last bosses, do i? So, all my thoughts on Freedom Unite, and first two generations in general!

Maps. Volcano maps are really ugly, both of them. Jungle maps really should have had cutable foliage, cause you literally can't see the monster in some areas. In general maps can be kinda d*ckish in their structure when you just learning where monster goes. The fact that maps from the first generation appear only at the endgame, when you don't have the map item, makes matters even more complicated. Also, whoever designed climbs in mountains and hills are quite a d*ck.

Small monsters.

Cephalos are so derpy, i can't even be angry at them.

Apceros are absolutely savage. If there was a Great Apceros, it would have some kind of emnity mechanic like Behemoth does. Cause they never stop chasing and attacking you.

Same goes for Ceanataurs, but those bastards are really fast too! And have poison! Thank god their older versions barelly use that ability. And big bullfangos that are bigger than bulldromes are weird, why are they even a thing is beyond me.

Farm: Takes forever to use. Especially fishing. And the way some items got sent to your inventory intead of The Box is really irritating. Thankfully more automated variants an be bought later. Bought with…

Help of the arena! Cause normal hunts don't yield enough pokke points. Honestly, it's my favorite part of the game. It both cuts down the farm and let's you use builds that you would have never used, or even knew about, otherwise. And the showdown against furious rajang is so climactic! First time instructor provides you with sets that are actually suited for the job at hand! And he has nothing to say to you besides "show me your monster hunter pride!" I wish guild ladies or granny with nekoth at least aknowledged my accomplishments during actual game like that.

Treshi's Treasure quests! Cause everybody cares about them! I've actually found all the rare treasures. And i should say that it's like farming gems or heavenly scales. It sucks. But i couldn't get the gold crowns on last two. But i actually really liked how it forced you to interact with all the mechanics in the game and even required actual map knowledge. Wish they weren't so heavily geared towards cooperative mode though.

Okay, finally to the large monsters. King Shakalaka is rad. But let's be fair, it's literally bulldrome that sometimes transforms into volcano. Please, can we throw away bulldrome and replace him with this guy? No? Oh, okay.

Vespoid Queen! Doesn't worth your attention at all. It looks like a first prototype, not a finished monster of the second generation. No wonder they hid her behind slaying a bunch of vespoids. And she also dies in seconds and can be flashstunned forever. Lame.

Iodrome. The only drome that matters. He has a lot more HP for some reason, and always invades at the worst possible times. And it feels like his aim is a lot steadier than that of other dromes too.

Yian Garuga. I don't have a lot to say about it. But i just find it interesting. Did you knew that it used to have the same repell system as elder dragons did back in Freedom 1? I don't know to hate it or to love it. On one hand, it's a fu*king reskinned kut-ku+some rathian moves. But on the other, it looks distinct, and cleverly toys with your expectations. The fact that it throws sonic bombs at you is incredibly cool.

Hypnocatrice. It is smooth cause Frontier animations. But there is nothing that stads out about it otherwise. Doesn't worth the effort too.

Rathalos family is kinda nicer than in next games? Rathaloses lowered agility in the air makes the fights smoother. But his rage damage modificator is off the charts. And his barelly moving tail during taunts? Cuts blademasters to death in maxed G-armor, this is so ridiculous that this is the sole reason i meantioned him!

Khezu. Such a weird design. I mean, his skin looks like a rag, but it's actually really hard. He uses electricity but isn't immune to shock traps. His tail is tiny but somehow allows him to stick to ceilings? And is also the hardest part of the body? And he certainly sees you, but no eye mark and music? It isn't creepy, it's bizzare. Jojo's kind. I used to have a lot of troubles with it, but now i don't even know why.

Basarios. A good monster. And is also a good troll. Requires purchasing psychoherum. And a big hammer. But it makes sense – of course you need hammer to break the rock.

Gravios. A bad monster. His chest is incredibly hard to hit with literally abything, and only double break makes it a weak spot despite how it looks. It's ability to rotate instantly dor tail swipes is extremely annoying for gunning. And the way it sometimes throws in the blast even after shooting laser takes baiting out the laser strategy out of the question. And worse of all, it has only 2 breaks and a tail cut! And it's belly doesn't have a hitbox, at least for gunning, so you have to go for armpits, which doesn't makes much sense. And it curls when it sleeps, so no sleepbombing it's chest too.

Monoblos. I thought it was a hoax just like Yian Garuga, but no, it was around together with Diablos since the first game. And i have no idea why they bothered. For a pun? Cause mono exists only in solo, and dio only in multiplayer. Weird.

Tigrex. Fu*k Tigrex! It has great hitboxes, but for some reason his tail has an active hitbox during choo-choo charge, which is retarded. He is also very annoying to fight without spamming flashes or waiting for him to notice you near a wall.

Nargacuga. Is a highlight of the game. No wonder he is so prevalent in the series. Somehow i can easily roll through it's attacks even without evade+ skills. And he also looks very distinct from the crew both visually and in it's style of life. He is a trapper, just like Khezy and Plesioth, but would you guess those two rely on stealth from fighting them? No way.

Akantor and Ukanlos. Are pretty darn good end-bosses. They look really cool, don't charge all over the place for no reason, have a lot of satisfying breaks and make complete sense. And even have some item weaknesses that aren't required at all and don't make pushovers out of them. And for some reason, they can limp. And now to the best kind of wyverns:


Cephadrome is the single most important monster in the game. Why? It teaches you the most inportant lesson in the game. You either abuse items, or you gonna have a bad time.

Plesioth'es hitboxes are kinda overexagerrated? I mean, they are bullshit. But you can roll through them. And his shot weakness isn't obvious at all. Thank god for mhp2G wiki. Cause otherwise this game is dead. And minegard site WITH ALL THE INFO ABOUT IT is dead too. And of couse wiki doesn't have it. His shot weakness is his neck.

Lavasioth. Would be a fine monster, but homing charge and hiding in the lava pool and spamming fireballs while you are on the other side of the map kinda ruin it. With i knew about it's hammer weakness, would have saved me a lot of time. Again, used to have a lot of troubles, but now can do fine.


Shogun Ceanataur. It's sickle hitboxes and some of it's moves are reeeeeeeally bullshit. But staying close to it and rolling aroud it seems to avoid asically all of them? I don't know what to think really. But smashing those skulls sure is satisfying.

Shen Gaoren is the best tower monster in the series(at least till 4th gen, i'm still on 3rd). Probably because you can make visible impact to it constantly. But tremor red requirment is annoying. But it can be satisfied even with low rank blango armor FOR ALL THE RANKS, so that's pretty nice. Even without any other skills, with just gunhammer and mightseed i managed to kill G-rank one solo.

Copper Blangonga. Literally the only one subspecies worth mentioning. While original mostly tries to jump on you punch first, this one actually digs as far away as it can and starts throwing boulders at you. Really annoying at first, but it is never as fast as any other digger so you can always sheathe and dive.

Rajang. Is easy once you know the moves and don't overcommit. The hard thing, it always looks like you can sneak one more hit in and then just heal it out if anything goes wrong. Nope, this is the only monster in the entire game you can't do war of attrition with.

Elder Dragons are a giant disappointment.

Kirin. It is clever to give a creature that hunter's weapon's size isn't designed around. And it is it's main source of difficulty. But it took me so long to figure out it's pellet weakness. The game is ass to gunners without a guide in general. The high rank double kirin quest at battlegrounds was HELL. And that d*ck doesn't even gives you 3 carves. Fu*k kirin.

Kushala. Run to it, slash head, repeat. And it was really promising! But in the end, it's just pathetic. And it's design makes no sense. Metal covered dragon? Of the wind? It's metall never comes into play. Literally the only thing it does is signifies thunder weakness, that's all.

Toaster. Toaster is Kushala with some meat added. And i like that meat a lot. But this monstr doesn't fu*king works at the volcano 4! It charges/flies around, always standing in the lava! I'm not felyne, i can't walk on magma! Also, why can they walk on it at all? The dragon gimmick is really good game design actually. You can break the horns after they are weak enough, but only with dragon damage. It makes dragon feel special, but doesn't forces full party to use it. But health requirment wasn't needed at all.

Chameleos. The only ED i like fighting. Learning it is hard, but during the fight it allows you to constantly be in action, and when you are not, you are still tense cause you need to catch a moment to throw a sonic bomb. And his visual design makes sense too and is unlike anything else in the game.

Lao-Shan-Lung sucks a lot. The worst part is that you can kill it only in the final zone. It would be fine, really. If your attacks to the face didn't stggered the living shit out of it. And if it didn't had fu*king gems and heavenly scales. It also does nothing the entire fight. Except locking you near it's ass via tail swings during walk.

Yamatsukami is kinda cool but also sometimes bullshit? He really suffers from the lack of clarity to what you need to do and which moves he is actually gonna use. And helicopter spin both works and looks wonky as hell. But hey, it's actually something original, so i'll gladly take it.

And finally we reached them. The Fatalis trio. I'm so tired.

So, legendary black dragon. It looks like dragoness from Shrek during her teen emo years when she had anorexia. Really, it looks like it's neck will break from the weight of it's head. Is it even anatomically possible to have such a curvy neck IRL? it doesn't looks right. Nothing about it does. Especially the derpy tongue movements. How can Lao-Shan-Lung run away from a thing which neck it can snap in two with it's jaws only? And how can this barebones thing have so fu*king much health? And what's so special about it's ordinary looking skin that it reflects most attacks effortlessly? Where does that giant fireball comes from? Why can it oneshot you with a twitch of it's toe? It also wastes your time a lot with it's constant flying ad poorly telegraphed fireballs. The arena is needlessly giant and empty. At least it has dragonator. I mean, i get the idea for the original game – uknows foe that can only be fought off using the most advanced of human technologies, but without all the window dressing and weapon restriction it just falls flat. And why do breaks happen so easy despite it dying so slowly? This fight is completely anti-monster-hunter too. You can't knock it out, you can't use items on it, you can't even cut his tail! The tail that will oneshot anyone on the opposite end of you. Good design for a game about cooperation, alright. Even it's theme is just a chanting above one of the weakest theme in the game. Also, again, cause gunners have no way to gauge their damage, this is just stupid. But not as stupid as…

The crimson fatalis. At least it has better intro. But arena is worse, and cause it's bite attack is even more useless than before – now it causes meteors to fall. And they are hard to dodge on the fly. And you can't guess which one of them will he cast. At least his rage mode makes him look menacing and actually special, unlike the original one. Too bad the concept of it is retarded and it exists solely to make already long fight even longer! Though i dunno. If you die to it, will the progress save? Cause if it saves, the game forces you to die each time it enters rage mode cause that's faster, lol.

And finally, the white fatalis. It sucks already, cause to unlock it you have to slay THREE FATALISES TOTAL. So you have to kill either another black or crimson one! But actually, i kinda liked this one. It cures a lot of problems above – lightning is better telegraphed than meteors, area is nice and round, face looks dignified cause beard and horns, spine haird make it look bigger than it is, therefore neck doesn't looks as weak, armor mode looks so raaaad and finally something is glowing near around chest! And it doesn't flies in your face and starts spamming fireballs. GIVE ME HOT FISH BLESS ME HOT FISH. But it brings a wagon of new problems along. Armor mode is an obvious one, but he also spends A LOT of time in the air, this time COMPLETELY out of reach of anybody. And he really likes doing it over and over and over. The funniest thing, he didn't even managed to kill my palico during the battle. Also, why palicoes are allowed against gods, but not fortress defence?

In the end, i've had a lot of fun with the game. But there probably were a lot more bullshit. And a terrible note to end on. If you are gonna play it, play it with friends, please. At least you will have veggie tickets to exchange for lao-shan's rarest shit. Cause you don't want to farm it.Or even if you have to, it's still funnier when talking with somebody. I still find it amazing that this game actually had cult following, but i get what potential people saw in it. Laziness of second generation makes sudden revamp of the third one all the more miraculous. Wonder if there any interviews on that.

But anyway, that's my story with Freedom Unite. What about you? Have something to tell? Or maybe just being nostalgic? You are welcome.


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