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So, I’ve noticed something about the new generation of hunters.

478445 AARA1 1024x576 - So, I've noticed something about the new generation of hunters.

Growing up with the series, there was couple of messages that were beat into my head by the community. Now, I have to clarify, the community did not beat these messages into my head in the violent or toxic manner, heavens no. This community, even more-so before gen 5, has always been relatively non-toxic. That being said, the messages were hammered in through seemingly constant parroting, and they were always generally the same and universally agreed upon;

  • There's no need for survival skills, they're a waste.
  • There's no support builds.
  • Support is a waste in Monster Hunter.
  • Evasion+ is a crutch unless you're lancing, just get earplugs.
  • Evade Extender is a crutch, only Bowguns and Switchaxe need it.

Basically, especially since MHFU/MHTri, the community has always had a very vocal bias against survivability oriented skills. If it wasn't attack and crit boosters, it wasn't recommended and/or was looked down upon.


Fast-forward to today.

Survivability skills are constantly being recommended, support "builds" are constantly being drafted and shared. A few new members of the community call our DPS focused sets "glass cannon builds".

Obviously, this is super interesting. With the new blood, what was once considered taboo, a waste or crutch, is now being constantly recommended and supported whole-heartedly.

I have to say…it's great. Build diversity is actually a thing now, people are actually playing with other skills now, and it's no longer being frowned upon. Honestly, it's a breath of fresh air compared to how us veterans have had it. 3708 hours in the series in, and I'm finally seeing build diversity. It really is great.

But how do you guys feel about these new survivability and support focused sets, as opposed to the pure DPS sets that we've grown used to?

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