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So now that the dust has settled, MHWI is pretty much the best MH game ever

MonsterHunterWorld10 - So now that the dust has settled, MHWI is pretty much the best MH game ever

Lately, I'm seeing a lot of World/Iceborne hate as people retreat to older games in anticipation for Rise. But lets not forget what World/Iceborne has done for the series as a whole. As a person who has played all mainline MH games, it's easily the best entry ever and here's my arguments as to why:

  • Large, Expansive Towns: Seliana and Astera are easily the best towns ever featured in a MH game. The towns are huge and rife with detail. In the older games, the towns merely served as amenity points, never feeling alive or cultured in any sense. Thankfully, both Astera and Seliana corrected this by introducing detailed, windingu pathways between points so that you can truly appreciate the scenery and get immersed. And the music? Whenever a Shara/Zorah quest's brooding music takes over, I get chills!
  • Deep, Yet Accessible Combat: The Clutch Claw is an excellent universal tool that added a layer of dynamic interaction with monsters. Before, you simply take your weapon and attack at the hitzones, but the all-new features of grappling and tenderizing deepened the strategy. No longer can you just unga bunga the hitzones, you have to tenderize and strategize your attack flow. Combined with the Mantle/Tool system, players could now customize skillful strategies as they challenged some of the most difficult (but fair!) monsters ever made.
  • Quality of Life Features: The key to MHW's success. Gone are all the clunkiness and intrusiveness of the old games. Facts, the old games only felt difficult due to the controls and systems. It honestly felt like you were fighting the system moreso the monster. But now, MH is perfectly fluid and smooth. Awesome QOL like moving during potion usage, pickaxe/paintball obsolescence, and camp restock elevated the core systems and should remain as permanent features.
  • SOS/Gathering Hubs: It was an absolute chore in the old games to join a measly 4 player Hub to do other people's quests before ever doing your own. No one has time for that nowadays unless you have no job/life. The SOS system introduced in World is incredibly convenient: just fire an SOS and in no time you've got 3 extremely capable asians ready to get the quest done. And after you're done, everyone rides off into the sunset and you're free to do another of the quests you need done. No more turn waiting bullshit.
  • Live Service Game: MHWI featured the most content of any MH game ever. It was constantly evolving with new Title Updates being dropped regularly. This kept the game/community alive longer than any other MH game and in time, MHWI's roster eclipsed most MH games. Older games had monsters that were just "one-and-done affairs," but the rich HD monsters of World ensured that you'd be playing long enough for the next content drop! In the future, this drip-feed approach is obviously the best method to keep players engaged year-round.
  • Rotating Events: The older games had static event quests that were just there. It was boring and instead of feeling like an "event," in felt like a tacked-on afterthought. In World, the Event Quests are truly eventful with the Festivals and limited time. By rotating the quests, World created a sense of urgency to play the events when everyone else did. This made sure that you could always find a Kulve/Safi room with others to play with. The same could not be said with the older games. You post an Event quest and you'd be lucky for 1 person to join. The "always-available" approach meant everyone already finished the Event and you'd have no one to play with.
  • Community: The community exploded with World, quite natural for the most popular game of the series. And yet, with this popularity, World managed to remove the toxicity. Specifically, the elitist speedrunners and veterans of the older games. World was designed to be so dynamic that speedrunners couldnt just apply old strats and call it a day. As a result, most of the toxic speedrunners that want a return to the easy "clunky commitment-based" combat have faded to obscurity. Stick to gamefaqs

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