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Soloed Fatalis with HH! + tips

MonsterHunterWorld2 - Soloed Fatalis with HH! + tips

I was finally able to solo Fatalis using my beloved Hunting Horn. I have around 650 hours in MHW, about 620 using HH exclusively. Occasionally I get a little discouraged when I have to play near perfectly to compete with the damage other weapons put out casually, but I always come back to this weapon, I love it so damn much. I also wanted to give some tips on what helped me solo Fatalis as a "casual" player. Some of these are probably common knowledge by now. If I can do it, and with HH, you can do it too!

1) Slot Heavy Artillery + use Ghillie Mantle at the beginning of the fight to get the easy knockdown and first opening for free damage. Once Fatalis starts to rise after being knocked down, slip on your Temporal Mantle and grab the nearby stones, clutch claw to his head and get your first easy wall bang.

2) After Phase 1, make sure to grab the binder shot located right behind the area protected by the shield (only accessible once the shield is fully melted). After grabbing the binder shot, run over to the roaming ballista and throw down a couple smoke bombs. This will reset Fatalis in front of the ballista, and also allow you to unload the full roaming ballista clip into him without him retaliating (most of the time).

3) During phase 2, use both binder shots if necessary to try to get a break on his head, but if you aren't able to break his head in phase 2, don't worry. If you have been focusing the head during the fight, it should be about ready to break in phase 3. I didn't get the first head break until phase 3 of my solo.


4) Make sure to manually unequip mantles during the fight. I did not realize until this fight (because it's such a long fight) that mantles only automatically unequip themselves when you exit combat. You will want to manually unequip them as soon as they expend their usage to trigger the cooldown period, allowing them to be used multiple times during the fight. During phase 2, I slipped my Ghillie mantle back on and loaded the back corner cannon for more easy damage.

5) Bring max potions + materials to keep crafting them, and get familiar with the radial menu if you aren't already. It will make things much easier for you.

6) When Fatalis goes to do his 360 fire spin attack during the third phase, just hug his torso between his front and back leg on the opposite side of his body from where he is positioning his head. It took me quite a few runs to understand this safe zone, and this move is actually one of the best openings for easy, safe damage during the third phase.

7) I despise the clutch claw mechanic, but it's almost necessary for a casual play through of this fight due to the increased damage. Make sure to keep the chest and head nice and tenderized, and go for wall bangs for free damage and to progress the head break whenever it is safe to do so (I usually wait until my temporal mantle is available).

8) Fatalis gear isn't required, but it definitely helps. Equip the Plunderblade on your Palico, and do a few solo runs. Between the plunderblade and wall bangs, you should have enough materials to craft the pieces that do not require the Fatalis Eye. Also, obviously defensive skills are a must here. Divine blessing (optionally with skill secret unlocked, either from Fatalis or Gold Rath armor) and fire resist are extremely beneficial.

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