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Some context to the high praise Capcom is getting

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Now I'm not going to be sitting here poo pooing people saying thankyou to the MH Dev Team and Capcom for been sensible in a industry full of money gougers, Worlds deserves the praise.

However as a lot of people doing the thanking are new, I think some context is in order.

Now firstly, Monster Hunter became the smash hit it is today when it initially released on PSP. The PS2 game was great and successful and ground breaking but the first PSP game was what really got it super big in Japan. Secondly the ad-hoc wifi multiplayer is what got it really booming.

Now one of the most prolific public faces of Monster Hunter is Ryozo Tsujimoto. He was the Producer of the first PSP monster hunter game and is always in some way involved with the games, even if that's only doing promotion for them at events (as he also has his role in Capcom to do, so he can't always produce every MH game). Now MH is a team effort so it's not all because of him it's successful and Ryozo wasn't even the original creator..but they all left and he's basically been at the "helm" for a long while. He might not be the creative drive behind the games but he's probably the most important person in it's development.

He is also the son of Kenzo Tsujimoto, the founder and CEO of Capcom. His brother is also the President of Capcom. Ryozo himself is an Executive Officer.

This gives Ryozo a certain amount of..leverage as a Producer beyond normal when compared to many other Producers in the game industry working under big companies. I'd say the only other producers in the industry with this much freedom under a big AAA publisher is producers working under Nintendo. From various interviews and articles I've read over the years, he's basically gotten his father and Capcom at large to take a "hands off" approach to the franchise, which is why Monster Hunter is apparently immune to the rather weird things Capcom has done over the years to their other franchises. It's also how MH games get crazy amounts of collabs.

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So when thanking Capcom and the MH Team for the wonderful Worlds and saying "other developers need to pay attention", keep in mind that MH is a very unique beast. The dude who produces it is almost emotionally invested in the franchise, and has major influence at the company, preventing the "corporate" side from having that bad influence. So understand if he wasn't there, MH might have succumbed to the rather bad management decisions of corporate Capcom.

Other publishers and developers should less be looking at the transaction model of Worlds, and more looking at the quality of game produced when the Publisher takes a hands off approach, allowing the game development team to build and produce the game the way they want it. Learn the gaming public isn't something that will accept this "corperate' mindset towards game development for much longer, and let the people who actually know what gamers want (sometimes) do what they want, rather than giving them a checklist of things this game must have to meet "industry standards" (Ie, NEEDS multiplayer, NEEDS mircotransactions, etc).

TL;DR: When praising Worlds, make sure to leverage more of the praise towards the MH Team for the games quality than Capcom, as the unique situation with the Producer of the game allows them to work without heavy handed influence from the corporate side of Capcom. However Capcom does deserve a clap for taking this hands off approach…and I wish they did it with their other franchises.

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