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Some Fatalis multiplayer tips for beginners!

MonsterHunterWorld2 - Some Fatalis multiplayer tips for beginners!

My drive to get those evil eyes is what led me to find this sub after 50 or so failed runs with randoms. Afterwards some nice folks in this sub helped me get my first couple kills, and I finally was able to get enough horn breaks to get my armor and weapon. I’m not a very good player, but I learned the fight well enough to be able to be a good teammate and assist those that are really good the best ways I can. One day me and gunlance will solo him 😉

Until then I’ve been SOSing with randoms and trying to help others from the sub since, and I thought I might post about the most common mistakes I see and the general flow of the fight so beginners can get up to speed faster and know how the fight flows in multiplayer and help the team the most.

For players who have trouble surviving the fight or carting multiple times per fight, I can not recommend Divine Blessing Secret enough (Gold Rathian 2-piece). It is the secret to learning the fight, and you can add in DPS as you get better. Guaranteed Evil Eyes come after the second horn break, which is often at the end of Phase 2 or Phase 3. If you can survive the fight, and do the most damage you can conservatively, eventually you will get paired with those bad asses that will knock Fatty around quickly, and they’ll be thankful that you don’t use up all the carts. That’s how you get your evil eyes. (I had better luck running in duos, but survivability is even more important because you will draw more aggro.)

Another very helpful hint to survivability is to forget the mega potions. Fatty hits like a truck, and he’s quick. He won’t give you a chance to run around chugging. Fix a loadout with 2 maxes, an ancient, 5 Mega Nutrients, 5 Mandragora, and a farcaster. The maxes are instant full health, and you can craft them in the field. This gives you 8 shots to max out your health. If you burn them all, farcasting back to camp to restock is a better option than a cart. You can keep these items flowing if you grow Blue Mushroom, Bitterbug, Honey, and Mandragora in your garden in Seliana and keep up with your fertilizing.

Eat for safeguard, insurance, or at the least moxie. Use mega demondrug if you have it. Friendship jewels have saved a lot of lives if you have room for them too.

Phase 1:

  1. Bring your Ghillie Mantle for the beginning of the fight. Or if you have a headset, listen for the heavy artillery guys to give you the signal to fly in. “Heavy Artillery” hunters have two points of the skill jeweled in to get the max damage from the siege weapons, and it makes a huge difference. For most weapons it is double damage.

The first part of the fight involves players in Ghillie Mantles loading the two cannons in the front, and aiming them for the opening shots. Sometimes people will place barrel bombs under the second canon (furthest from ballista arrow) to try to get more head damage from a successful flinch. Players in Ghillie will also gather slinger stone at this point for the first flinch.

Aiming: The cannon closest to the ballista bow is one push to the right, and will be fired first. (By someone with Heavy Artillery maxed out).

The other cannon takes two pushes to the right, and will be fired when Fatty starts crawling towards the deck. (Heavy Artillery important again).

  1. Beat the head up: When canons are successful, this will drop Fatalis in front of the deck for a huge opening. This is when most players converge and slap up his head. If you’re getting knocked around trying to do damage when other players are close, jewel in 1 point of flinch-free and those hits from other players won’t knock you back.

  2. The deck flinch: Just as he wakes up from the knockdown, a quick clutch and shot will send Fatalis crashing into the canon deck for huge head damage, and the fight begins.

  3. Tenderize: This is where I like to use my temporal for the first time, as you will be taking a lot of chances to get close and get good clutches. You can meld a Shaver 3 Jewel at the Elder Melder, and it is amazing for this fight. There are 4 areas to be tenderized. The head, chest arms, left rear leg, right rear leg. Be careful of the tail bouncing around his rear to get those clutches. Some players will farcast during this part to swap out the ghillie mantle for something like the glider with two level 4 slots. I hang on to the ghillie for one more optional heavy artillery shot I’ll tell you about later.

  4. DPS: The rest of this phase is DPS check to the shield nuke. It is important towards the end of this phase to keep Fatty’s chest and head tenderized so that it will be during the first part of Phase 2. Most of you have seen this at least once. The admiral will give you the warning, and your team will run and hide behind the shield behind the roaming ballista. It’s pretty easy, just don’t get caught on the extreme other side of the map by the cannon deck and you should be ok. Use this close-time with your team to munch on a max of you have Friendship jewels and sharpen up.


Phase 2

  1. Siege weapon time: Remember to let the players with Heavy Artillery Fire the roaming ballista, as well as the arrow ballista as the damage output is so much greater. If this is you, aim for Fatalis’s tenderized chest and head. If it’s not, continue tenderizing and get ready for the opening created by the binders and another heavy artillery knockdown. EVERY TIME HES DOWN EVERYONE SLAP HIS HEAD, that’s how we get our horn breaks. Grab stone and watch for the flinch opening as well. Remember he has to be on all fours. For heavy artillery people, there are two stacks of arrows and a binder beside of the first ballista bow, and one stack of arrows and a binder behind the second. Use these to your maximum advantage. If you kept your Ghillie it should be recharged or close, and this is also the time when you can load the third cannon with it, that’s behind the shield that Fatty melted. Don’t try loading it without Ghillie, Fatty will just focus on you and knock you away. After it’s loaded, flex your weapon to knock off your ghillie, and Fatty will make his way into range. 5×450 is 2250 HA damage, that’s why I keep the ghillie and try to get this one off if I can but it’s not always easy.

  2. Another DPS check, The Gate: This is where a lot of faints happen, because players lose track of their place on the map. You want to keep the fight on the side of the arena closest to the gate. If you get caught on the far side, you won’t have enough time to make it in the door before the nuke. Be aware of where you are, and keep watching for the flinch and tenderizing. Stay alive lol. Heavy Artillery can sometimes get off another round of ballista arrows if it stretches out longer. First horn usually get broken during this phase.

3: Admiral’s Warning: The second nuke prompts you to run into the castle, while someone shuts the gate after the team gets in. You’ll get the timing with practice, sometimes you have to take a cart here to prevent 4. Let someone else work the lever until you’re a little experienced. And helpful hint if you’re working the lever-make sure you’ve got a handle on it (that the “press O” prompt is up). I’ve fried a couple whole teams because I was standing one step too far away from the lever lol.

Phase 3

  1. Now he’s pissed: Every nuke after this will require you to run towards Fatalis. The fire is cone-shaped, so take an outwardly angle towards him, and if you’ve got Friendship jewels munch on a Max right here it might save a teammate. You’re close to your evil eye now, but his attacks are now stronger (some are one shots) and he moves quicker, so be careful, use your temporal, and watch his patterns. Farcast back if you need more healing items. Heavy artillery can get another ballista arrow round in. Keep tenderizing with the shaver for the other players if you aren’t great at doing damage up close, this allows those that are to get more big shots in without having to slow down.

  2. Dragonator/roaming ballista 1-minute warning: When you get this alert you can breathe out a little. If you’re down to only a couple or one cart left, focus on staying alive and don’t worry about damage. Farcast to camp if you’re terrified about being that last cart and don’t think you can tank it. Once the dragonator becomes active, lure him to the middle for massive damage and a huge knockdown. Converge on the head (The second Horn breaks right here a lot). Heavy artillery guys fire the roaming ballista, and send another round of arrows. This will get another knockdown too with some good shooting, and another big opening for head damage. Even on the worst runs the other horn will break here 98% of the time.

  3. Time for the finish: This is where team play is the most important. If you haven’t got a time warning yet, some people on your team are serious monster hunters and doing a ton of damage. If that’s not you, then stay out of trouble, stay alive, and let them do their thing. The more you fight him, the more you will learn his patterns, the more of his armor you will stack up, and eventually you’ll be one of those hunters in there dooting and smacking and slicing until that beautiful “MAIN OBJECTIVE COMPLETE” banner pops up.

Just please, please, please stop being the hunter dropping off the wingdrake at the beginning without a ghillie while I’m loading the cannons 😉

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