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Some ideas for the future of Clutch Claw

MonsterHunterWorld4 - Some ideas for the future of Clutch Claw

So with many people getting a bit burnt out at the new clutch claw mechanic (though honestly, they mostly direct it towards tenderize yet still say it's the clutch claw as a whole), I've been thinking over the weeks that maybe if Capcom keeps the claw around, they should do something a bit more nuanced with it instead of being a sort of tertiary weapon that functions the same across all weapons. Here's some of my ideas, and I will go in a general list format and then explain the ideas a bit further:


  • Should only be allowed to be applied when the monster is heavily disabled. This should include, clagger state, traps, sleep, and knockdown.

  • All weapons will have a specific tenderize attack when grappled that is a very long animation and does nearly no damage but will tenderize successfully on one successful attempt

  • Tenderize will do next to nothing on weak spots while having major hitzone increases on hard spots (i.e. Rathian head gets a 3% increase when tenderized while Rathian back gets ~30%)

  • Tenderize lasts longer in solo play (~150 seconds) and will gradually have decreased duration as player count goes up (150 -> 90 -> 60 -> 30)

So these changes I think will make tenderize more of a specific tool that is used sparingly for hard monster parts rather than a simple damage increase that must be constantly maintained. The low damage and long animation of the attack which can only be done while a monster is vulnerable to combos makes tenderize more of a "long-term gain" choice compared to simply comboing the vulnerable monster now. Lastly, the much longer duration in solo will make these few tenderize moments more worth it long term while the scaling down of the duration will make sure teams can't just mass tenderize the monster for long periods of time.

Flinch Shot

  • Same as tenderize above, Flinch Shot and turning should only be allowed at specific vulnerable points like clagger, traps, and sleep.

  • Wall bangs don't do nearly as much damage

  • Flinch shots and turns don't create rage

  • Flinch shots can be done during rage (turns cannot)

  • Similar to flash pods, Flinch Shot knockdowns gradually get less duration

Basically the same as tenderize, flinch shots would be more limited to actually start, but less limited when in those situations. As such, allowing them to be done on enraged monsters would be a nice tool, especially for some easy to piss off mons. As compensation both for solo spamming and multiplayer, flinch shot knockdowns and wall damage will be lessened.

Clutch Claw Attacks

  • All regular claw attacks will drop slinger ammo

  • All claw attacks get much more damage

  • While grappling towards the monster, pressing any attack button will do a unique grappling attack before getting to the monster (more specifics below)

  • Weapons now get more combos into claw (more on specifics below)

Now the fun begins. Firstly, since tenderize is now limited to its own attack, all claw attacks will not only drop slinger ammo, but will be much stronger. This is to allow for actually directly fighting flying monsters as well as to make up for lowered utility. In addition, more claw attacks will be added and more moves will combo into claw, as well as a special attack you can do while flying towards a grappled monster before you actually grab them. This turns claw into more of a retooling of aerial style in MHGU, where all weapons do a similar maneuver to do very different attacks and effects.

Clutch Claw specifics (using PS4 controls)

Great Sword

  • While flying: triangle will make the hunter start a charge on the swing which, when released when reaching the monster, will do a much stronger but slower regular claw attack.

  • While flying: circle will make the hunter start a charge on a wide slash style swing which, when released, will do many different instances of damage while slashing the monster sideways and immediately releasing them from the grapple.

  • After wide slash, leaping wide slash, or strong wide slash, can combo into the claw grapple

Long Sword

  • While flying: triangle will do a quick regular upward slash for extra damage. Also grants some spirit charge.

  • While flying: RT will do the spirit thrust into the monster while flying towards them. When it hits, will immediately transition into spirit helmbreaker.

  • While grappled: RT will allow for a normal spirit combo to be done directly on the monster.

Sword and Shield

  • While flying: circle will allow for a heavy shield bash on impact

  • While flying: RT will, if able, do a longer range slinger burst before reach the monster

  • While grappled: circle will be a short shield bash combo

Dual Blades

  • While switching on grappled monster parts, will do a mini demon dance while switching (similar to IG mount switching). Does more damage instances while in demon mode.

  • While flying or grappled: RT will switch in and out of demon mode


  • While flying: RT will charge the hammer and do a similar hit to the level 2 charge grapple combo hit currently.

  • While grappled: RT will charge the hammer and do a combo that does 1, 2, or 3 hits depending on how long the charge is.

Hunting Horn

  • While flying: RT will quickly do a recital, followed by applying the song when reaching the monster.

  • While flying: triangle, circle, or triangle+circle will do the corresponding note accompanied by an underswing.

  • While grappled: after initiating the normal claw attack, the hunter can do two different notes on each hit similar to the forward+circle move

  • While grappled: RT will do a very quick recital followed by the song. If RT was done while flying towards the monster, pressing it again when grappled will do a much more powerful but longer encore combo.


  • While flying: triangle will do a strong stab attack followed by immediately weakly leaping off the monster


  • While flying: RT will ready the wyrmstake cannon while approaching and will immediately dislodge it into the monster on impact. Will also cause the hunter to leap off.

  • While grappled: circle will do a slow, deliberate swing followed by full burst.

  • While grappled: RT will do wyvern's fire

Switch Axe

  • While flying: triangle will do a strong underswing with the axe, or a weak overswing with the sword. RT will switch to the other mode and also do the appropriate attack.

  • While grappled: triangle for sword mode will do a slow three hit combo that builds sword gauge heavily. Axe mode is the current claw attack. RT will again switch to the appropriate mode and do that attack immediately.

  • While grappled in axe mode: triangle+circle will do a slow heavy downward slam that, when finished, will cause the axe to be in power axe mode. If in power axe mode, will be a guaranteed stagger.

Charge Blade

  • While flying: triangle while sheathed will switch to sword and shield mode before reaching the monster, while RT while sheathed will switch to axe mode. While unsheathed, RT will switch to the other mode. No actual attack.

  • While grappled in SnS mode: triangle will now do a fully charged sword slash, granting nearly full phial charge.

  • While grappled in axe mode: triangle will do a horizontal amped element discharge. Will not switch to SnS mode after dropping off.

  • After either guard pointing or AED, can combo into claw.

Insect Glaive

  • While flying: triangle will stab into the monster. The hunter will then vault themselves by stepping on the stabbed glaive and will transition into normal aerial combat.

  • While flying: RT will cause the knisect to fly ahead of the hunter, granting the grappled body part's corresponding buff and immediately granting it to the hunter.

  • While grappled: RT will cause the kinsect to erratically fly around the hunter for as long as they can hold on. Kinsect deals rapid damage and can spawn dust in timed intervals. More dust and damage when the kinsect buffs are applied.

Light Bowgun

  • While flying or grappled: RT will shoot the currently equipped ammo at the monster.

  • While flying: circle will cause the hunter to leap off the monster on impact and do a triple shot downwards while arcing over the monster (same attack as MHGU aerial rapid fire)

  • While grappled: circle now leaves a wyvernblast mine on the body of the monster. Will trigger like normal via players or will trigger whenever the monster attacks with said body part.

Heavy Bowgun

  • While flying or grappled: RT will shoot the currently equipped ammo at the monster.

  • While grappled: circle will do a heavy bash with the gun itself. Does not cause the hunter to drop from the monster.


  • While flying: triangle will stab the monster with an arrow on impact. Has coating effects.

  • While flying: circle will immediately leap off the monster on impact backwards and shoot a power shot while flying off.

This is just a dumping ground for my ideas, but honestly, I think they would be really cool, especially since the general clutch claw mechanics would be weakened. Let me know what you think.

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