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Some Info on How Hunting Horn’s Extended Health Recovery Song (Bubbles) Works

MonsterHunterWorld8 - Some Info on How Hunting Horn's Extended Health Recovery Song (Bubbles) Works

I've done some testing specifically with the hunting horn's new extended health recovery song in the 10.03 iceborne beta. Right now we don't know how different bubble songs will vary in things like their duration and encore effects, nor do we know if extended health recovery in particular will be buffed or nerfed for iceborne's full release. I tested this solo, so I'm not sure if the numbers differ if the recipient of the effects is someone other than the player playing the songs. Also, if any of the formatting is messy it's because I'm not used to posting anything, so I apologize in advance. Here's what I've found:

  • The effect given by any sized bubble lasts for exactly 2 minutes. And to clear a potential misconception: the healing is a 2 minute effect. The bubble isn't just some nerfed health booster- once you get it's healing effect, you don't need to stay near the bubble to continue being healed.

  • Recital bubble: Lasts for about 26 seconds.

  • Encore after reciting 1 bubble: Encore creates an additional bubble with no change in efficacy.

  • Encore after reciting 2 bubbles together: Encore creates a larger additional bubble that lasts for about 43 seconds.

  • Encore after reciting 3 bubbles together: Encore creates a larger additional bubble that lasts for about 76 seconds.

  • Every time someone walks into a bubble, some of the bubble's remaining duration is taken away (and it can be the same person walking into it over and over again too, there's some unfortunate potential for both intentional and unintentional trolling here). Right after a bubble is deployed, normal bubbles will instantly dissipate after 4 immediate uses, double-up encore bubbles will often survive for 1 to 2 seconds after 4 uses, with triple-up encore bubbles instantly dissipating after 5 uses.

  • The HH player who plays the song will get the healing effect for free and doesn't have to walk into the bubble to receive it.

  • Reapplying a bubble's effect while the effect is already active will refresh the duration of the buff and make the extended health recovery song listing turn purple, but doesn't seem to make the effect any different nor any more potent. This song being able to turn purple when reapplied could maybe (and just maybe) suggest that there'll be bubble songs which could potentially increase in power when applied twice over, just like how most normal HH songs grow in power when applied twice over. Bit of a coin toss for whether or not that'll be a thing.

  • The heal per tick does not increase with the song recovery speed (L), nor does it tick faster. I'm pretty sure it's locked in at about how much and how fast vaal's super recovery set bonus will heal you for. Speaking of which, the vaal set bonus and extended health recovery will likely combo really well together in the full game.

  • The height of the bubble from the ground and it's general position correlates to the position of the HH's head when the song is played. It's a neat detail, but just make sure that you don't accidentally position a bubble somewhere inconvenient like right off of a ledge, or into an area that forces you to crouch/crawl.

That's all I've found so far that I think is worth sharing, with the only thing that I'd like to test that I but haven't had the time to yet is whether or not status DOTs like fire or poison cancel out the recovery effect or if the recovery will still tick through them. All in all, health recovery bubbles are better than I thought, they can help keep your health topped off (which in turn helps you avoid getting one-shot against certain monsters) and they provide a nice boon to health recovery tank builds. It ain't quite meta (speed boost + evade window up will likely take up that role) but it's still useful in certain scenarios and is really cool to have.

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