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Some (mostly solo) tips for Greatsword vs. Tempered Deviljho…

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Flash before you begin combat, to hit those legs before he enrages!

Many monsters have an opening roar to initiate combat – flashing them before initiating combat (i.e. before your map becomes red) lets you postpone that opening roar to after they recover from the flash. Combined with the Rocksteady Mantle, this lets you have a larger window of opportunity for free hits at the beginning of an encounter.

More importantly it prevents Deviljho from enraging, and Deviljho's legs are only weak outside of enrage. Note that this strategy is less effective if you don't have the Rocksteady Mantle – while Deviljho's most dangerous and mobile moves are locked when he is flashed, that doesn't mean he stops attacking altogether.

Once he enrages, the legs will no longer be weak points …which makes the fight a bit more difficult. The glowing scars become weak points during enrage, and the easiest scar to hit with the Greatsword is the one on the chest.

Let your Palico use a Sleep weapon, and master the wake-up call!

A Sleep weapon for the Palico should be mandatory for any Greatsword user – gives you 1 to 2 (occasionally 3) sleeps per monster. You can wake up the monster with a TCS for massive damage!

Some tips for pulling off wake-up calls:

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Counter the counter-attack!

Deviljho has a counter-attack move where he goes straight from reeling back as if he were about to fall, into a ground pounding jaw smash. If he takes any strong impact moves to the head during this counter-attack, he will be toppled for real! The Greatsword's tackle is perfect for this scenario:


Unfortunately the hitstun from hitting a weak point with your TCS will prevent you from pulling off a tackle, so just roll out of the way instead.

Just block the breath attack if you can't avoid it!

General tips:

Here's a

of mine as a sample. I used this mix-set. 12 minutes is pretty slow for speed-running standards, but it should be a good demonstration of how to capitalize on openings and recover from failures. I'm a bit too old (mostly too preoccupied) to break speed-running records, but I'm sure someone will make a fast sub-7-minutes one eventually.

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Hope this helps!

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