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Some new interesting things

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-New Lance called "Lancia Stella Cadente" in eng can be*** "shooting star lance***" but I don't know exactly how this will be called

Lance stats

Lance material requirements

Materials :

Buono della prima : First cupon ( this is a new iteam)

Rathalos membrana : Membrane

Osso resistente : Hardbone

Sacca paralizzante : Paralysis sac x2

Also we have some new jewels

-Gioiello anticalore 2

IWantMyChaChaBack thanks for help

Gioiello anticalore 2 = Heat Guard

Cancels heat damage in the Vulcan

-Gioiello rivelatore 1

IWantMyChaChaBack Essaidemetori thanks for help

Gioiello rivelatore 1 = Detector

Displays rare gathering spots on the map, ok for gathering sets or completing ones ingredients list


-Gioiello rivestimento potenza 3 – this is the "Power coating" for bows

-Gioiello scoperta 2 mean "discovery" 2

-Gioiello letamastro 1

Ketheres IWantMyChaChaBack Essaidemetori thanks for help

Gioiello letamastro 1 = Dungmaster

Increases Dung pods efficiency/success rate

Rivesimento fatica – "Exhaution coating"

– New monster material

Nergigante barbigli – "Nergigante barbles"

These are the new things that i have found on internet with the new "data mining" of the patch 4.1

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