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Some of my off-meta builds

MonsterHunterWorld4 - Some of my off-meta builds

Hello fellow hunters! Before I show some of my builds I'd just like to say a few things…

  1. Like I said in the title, these are off-meta builds, they are just for fun. If you want some MAX DPS I'd suggest watching the Monster Hunter Math Guys channel, they are amazing.
  2. I have a very big collection of decorations, so these builds will rely heavily on those. However, I do have some HH support builds down the list from before I acquired my fungiform deco. If you don't have the recquired decos, I'd suggest using HoneyHunter's builder and Athena's ASS in conjunction.
  3. Most of these builds can probably be improved or, at least, tweaked for preference. If there isn't really anything new to you here, sorry. This post is for those curious to try something else or to those that haven't really grasped how to create builds yet. But still, please, share your thoughts on the comments, lets all be better hunters together!
  4. Sorry if any of these builds has already appeard somewhere else. It is very possible that I ended up crafting a build similar or identical to someone else's. Please let me know if that's the case and I'll put a link to that person's build.
  5. Also, I know that it's a clichè, but sorry for any mispellings. English's not my first language… oh, but I do apreciate corrections!
  6. Oh, and being a CB main I'd like to share a lot, but this guy has almost everything covered… so I'll just stay quiet and let the expert handle that, haha. I love that guy…!

Now that all that's out of the way, let me show some fun stuff!

GS Punishing Touch:

Did I grab your attention? Then you've played GS on one of the older games, right? This is for those that miss the "punishing draw" skill, very fun ideed! Ever since MHW launched, everybody's been trying to use Odogaron's set bonuses. Now that we have some more sets, this is to scratch that itch (and to stay in antecipation for Odogaron G-rank set, which will probably hopefully be amazing).

This set is great for AT Elders that are full of One-Hit-Kill-moves. That's why I put those Vitality jewels there. I've used something similar in the past against Lunastra (because she's f*king broken) and tempered Kirin.

CB Paralysis:

I'm a charge blade main, but I fell in love with paralysis since the first time I killed a Barroth in Wildspire Waste back when I still played with Switch Axe for it's infinite circle combo. It's amazing that I actually managed to finish the game basically just using that move. Anyway…

Not much to say here, just a fun build that I always wanted to do since the Kjarr weapons (and their crit status) got annouced.

LC "Styx":

Ok, now this is the build that gave me the idea for this post. I haven't really seen it anywhere else, but I believe it must be fairly common (does't really recquire much brain power for this one). But still, this build is AMAZING! It's got everyting: damage, defense, safety, and enough slots to allow a LOT of tweaking. And, like Gaijin Hunter once said: "


Honestly, there's so much you can do with this build that you should just have to tweak it on HoneyHunter. Oh, and did I metion that, because of Razor Sharp+Master's touch you practically never run out of white sharpness? Even if you suck at reaching soft spots on the monster! Seriously, just try it out.

This is great for almost anything, but this weapon changed the way I approched Kushala, and it is thanks to this build that I easily farmed AT Kushala. Even when it is in the air (and flash isn't working anymore), you can poke it's feet with the tip of the Lance, activating the blast and bringing it down to the ground. I love this build…

(AT) Kulve farming GS

There are a LOT of AT Kulve farming builds out there, so this is maybe more of a template than a build. Basically, what I'm trying to say is: use Zorah Y coil! Just use it, seriously. Explode the shit out of that girl when she's not molten, because your damage is ridicule against her.

Since Kulve is so predictible and slow, I use her to try out new weapons. That is actually how i first got into GS and HH, and how I train for LS, HM, DB, Bow, LBG… basically anything. This template helps me to farm her efficiently and still try to reach that sweet 100% crit + master's touch. When I get a new interesting weapon, this is kinda the template I use.

HH Support template with Dober

I actually searched a lot for supporting HH builds when I was struggling with Behemoth, and I found

. The video also explains why so many of these skill have been chosen, so really helpfull if you're an aspiring supporter! Anyway, as you might have noticed, the video is kinda outdated, so this build that I'm showing is my attempt to bring it up to date. Like I saind at the beggining, I didn't have a fungiform deco at the time, so that's why I have Dober on.

I call this a template aswell because you can actually just use any (support) weapon you want. For example, I like using Jho's HH against Behemoth, Luna's HH Styx against Kushala and Teo's HH against Vaal.

Btw, on a side note, it is reaaaaaally fun to take these weapons for a spin to help lower HR hunters, like people strugling against the Elders. Maybe not an all-out support like this (just a couple of friendship decorations to help a bit). It is fun, refreshing and rewarding. I'd recommend people that don't have anything else to do in the game to do this, seriosly. Doesn't even has to be HH. It's just something nice for when you're bored!

HH support Styx with Dober

Not very different from the build above (there's evade extender I guess, which is nice), but a nice upgrade since the weapon has 2 slots for decos.

HH support template

Better template for supporting HH if you have the Fungiform deco.

Ok, I think that's it! I do have some more builds, but I don't think they are that interesting or different. I might come back whence I get a GL (or even GS) Kjarr "Sleep" to share my sleep bombing build!

It's been great, and holy shit this took way longer than i thought it would. Happy hunting!

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