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Some possible ideas on future updates!

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After lurking this sub reddit for a bit I can see a lot of players are burned out after 400 hours ( We got our moneys worth) but are thirsty for more content due to how fun the game is. The following is just some thoughts and updates Id love them to put in the game that I think would keep the player base happy without just using thw new monster excuse. We all want new monsters like generations onslaught of content but most of you guys need to understand how much more massive this game is as a whole when it comes to assets. Without further ado the ideas!

-More statistics in post mission scorecards. Ex. Everyones dmg done,healing,dmg mitigated dmg taken.

-Add elders to expeditions once you hit hr 50 for a fresher more intense experience.

  • Add a monthly ranked competitive time attack. Ex Hunt a tempered Nero Diablos in 5 mins. People who accomplish the feat get a piece of new exclusive armor at the end of the month. Ex. A diablos style crown with slugger 2 and two gem slots.

-Add subspecies that dont require that many new assets, but add new armor sets. Steel Barroth is one idea.

-Add more endemic life and small monsters.


-Add new more exciting augments. Ex Odo gem can augment weapons to lose less sharpness on crits (def would need some balance on this as odo is way easier then elders) but you get the point.

These are some of the ideas I had. A larger idea i had was maybe some raid like content with monsters we already had but with new a new set reward.

Ex. A 4 part hunt going through new and old areas of the recess.

Stage 1: The brothers. -Three gold crown different colored more aggresive Dodogamas.

Stage 2: The floor is lava – A much beefier lavasioth that slowly fills the entire room with lava

Stage 3: 4 vs 400 – room filled with small monsters.( I forget the lion rhino thing in the recess)

Stage 4: The Storm – a new version of kushala that creates more tornadoes, is immune to flash and actually reflects it back on hunters, and doesnt stop flying unless mounted or shot out of the air with ballistas.

XD welp those are some of my ideas. Overall im loving the game and cant wait for the next update.

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