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Some Tips and Tricks to deal with Fatalis from a Solo / Duo Player

MonsterHunterWorld9 - Some Tips and Tricks to deal with Fatalis from a Solo / Duo Player

I've compiled what I learnt of the encounter as I played it and want to share my input. I can't make Fatalis' attacks easier to dodge, so I am only going to list phase-specific mechanics and some general tips. Some of these might just give you (and your friend(s)) the edge you need to clear this quest. Best of luck with Lizardface.


Feel free to leave a comment should you have anything to add to (or correct in) this list.


General tips (and opinions)

  • You can have exactly one player from your party eat for "Feline Safeguard" with a voucher for an extra party-wide faint (doesn't stack).
  • Have at least one person run 2 ranks of "Heavy Artillery" for +100% cannon / ballista damage. Especially solo their numbers are more than substantial (~22k damage in total if you do it right).
  • I recommend either a combined Fire Resistance of 20+ or 3 ranks of Blight Immunity. The last thing you want to have to think about are lingering fireblight effects as you deal with Fatalis.
  • Breaking Fatalis' head knocks him down and weakens his fire breath in the final phase of the fight. I think I got a knockdown from breaking his chest once too, but I am not quite sure. Getting two head breaks guarantees a "Fatalis Evil Eye" quest reward which you will need to craft some of his equipment.
  • Fatalis is immune to stun effects and cannot be KO'd. He sometimes recoils exaggeratedly, but it does not result in a knockdown.
  • Flinch-shotting an upright Fatalis will make him crawl. This won't make him hit a wall for extra damage. Similarly, flinch-shotting him mid-air will force him to land and deal minimal damage. A flinch-shot on a crawling Fatalis, however, can be directed at a wall for wall-slam damage as per usual.
  • Tenderising either front leg affects both front legs and the chest, so it is well worth doing. On heavy melee weapons (e.g. GS or hammer), you can make Fatalis crawl by tenderising its upper body once or twice (more in multiplayer of course). This is often easier (and safer) than trying to hit the belly ordinarily.
  • Hitting the chest or front legs is easier than hitting the head. You need damage to beat the timer, so don't hesitate to go for (relatively) "safer" damage once in a while.
  • Unless you play ranged or have lousy fire resistance, you can superman dive twice in a row to survive the large, continuous cone-of-fire attack (NOT the nova). Ideally you want to be close to Fatalis' head as he does this, because it is a prime opportunity to deal free damage.
  • Whenever Fatalis gets close to a ledge, try to rack up some mounting damage. Successfully mounting him will lead to a full knockdown much like breaking one of his horns does. Glider Mantle is fantastic for this, as you can also clutch-claw onto Fatalis with it, let go, and then glide toward his head for extra aerial hits whenever you want.
  • When solo or duo, give your palicoes either paralysis or sleep weapons. You can usually trigger either status once per fight, and paralysis especially lasts for a long time. If you play ranged and have sleep ammo, give the cats paralysis and save the sleep for a dragonator wake-up in the final phase of the fight.
  • When solo or duo, I recommend either Vigorwasp Spray or the Shieldspire (for memes) as gadgets. A max-level spray can sometimes salvage a faint, and I've witnessed Fatalis going ballistic on the Shieldspire distraction for prolonged periods of time for free damage.


Phase 0: Cannons

Carry a Farcaster. Equip Ghillie Mantle before using the Wingdrake. When you enter the arena, you can find two cannons on a scaffolding to your left.

Gather some slinger ammo (rocks). Load both cannons. Move the right one (facing Fatalis) one notch to the right and the left one ~70% to the right. Fire the right cannon first. Stand still, so Fatalis roars and rushes at you. As he approaches, run to and fire the other cannon for ~4500 damage combined (with Heavy Artillery), knocking Fatalis down.


Jump down and capitalise on the knockdown, and be sure to clutch-claw onto Fatalis' head as he is about to recover. Wait for the animation to finish and immediately flinch-shot him into the scaffolding for another ~1200+ damage. Return to camp with your farcaster and switch to your regular build.

Edit: Alternatively, skip the flinch-shot to preserve the scaffolding and the cannons. Switch your build as usual, but use a farcaster again when the game notifies you that your Ghillie Mantle has recharged. You can then repeat this process unless the fight has already advanced to phase 2 or beyond. Keep in mind that all players must return to camp to reset Fatalis' position in the arena.


Phase 1: Pre-nova

Nothing special here. Follow some of the general tips if you feel like it. You need to reach some damage threshold to trigger the first nova, which will expand the battlefield and grant access to the roaming ballista (as well as an inactive dragonator). As the nova is being charged, seek shelter behind the piece of metal indicated on the map to survive.


Phase 2: Post-nova

Following the nova, grab the one-shot binder behind the metal shelter you just used to survive. Man the roaming ballista immediately and move it all the way to the left, but do not fire it yet. Unman the roaming ballista. Tenderise Fatalis' chest if possible and wall-slam it if it is not yet enraged.

Wait until Fatalis is busy trying to cart something away from the roaming ballista, man the regular ballista next to the roaming one you previously moved and wait for Fatalis to (roughly) face its direction. As soon as he does, fire the binder, rush to and man the roaming ballista, then empty its whole magazine into his chest. This deals ~90 damage per shot (~9000 damage in total) with two ranks in Heavy Artillery. If you have trouble using the roaming ballista safely, bring and use your Temporal Mantle as you man it.

Make sure to fully deplete the roaming ballista's ammo. The game will notify you when the roaming ballista is about to restock itself. Beyond this, proceed normally until you've dealt enough damage to commence the final phase of the encounter. Should the roaming ballista recharge before you reach that phase, leave it be for now.

With enough damage dealt, Fatalis will attempt another nova. Make a mad dash to the platform behind the dragonator and pull the lever in time to survive.


Phase 3: "Supercharged" Fatalis

Fatalis now glows red and his fire attacks will likely one-shot you until you break both of his horns. He also gains access to a 360-degree fire breath which is best avoided by hugging his legs or clutch-clawing onto him (hitbox RNG is still a thing, however).

Collect the one-shot binder near the regular ballista on the opposite side of the roaming one. As soon as the roaming ballista is restocked, proceed as you did in phase 2 to get more free damage on Fatalis.

When the dragonator becomes available, stand in front of it, not on top. Else, Fatalis will mostly shoot fireballs at you. As soon as he crawls toward you, run up to the lever and time it such that both spikes connect with Fatalis. Solo, each spike deals 3300 damage for up to 6600 damage in total. A dragonator hit always causes a knockdown for free follow-up damage, so be prepared to jump down and capitalise on it. If you have access to sleep ammo, try sleeping Fatalis in front of the dragonator for a massive dragonator wake-up instead.

Any novas in this phase will have to be avoided by running "behind" Fatalis as he charges up the attack. As the nova's flames cover roughly the shape of a triangle with its peak at Fatalis' position, it's usually shortest (and thus safest) to run somewhat diagonally to his left or right side instead of directly toward him.

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