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Some tips for AT Xeno from a noob long sword main

MonsterHunterWorld9 - Some tips for AT Xeno from a noob long sword main

First I know bow guns are better match up for this fight. If you are looking for an faster & safer method to clear, there are plenty of tips and build for bow guns in this subs already. I just want to share my experience with players who want to beat him with LS. In fact, LBG & HBG are my secondary most used weapon in the game, but I just enjoy LS better.

Second I'm by no mean the best LS player. My clear time is sub 17 minutes, fairy slow. This post is targeted for noob players like me who wants to clear the quest with LS but can't find specific guide here.


The build I used is not the most damaging build obviously, but should be one of the more safe build.

It does not have crit boost so damage is not ideal.

Health regen augmentation is of course mandatory (forgot to put in the build there).

I think divine protection is a underrated skill especially in this fight. With vitality 3 it saved me from getting one shotted several times. Note this build does not have heat guard, (I'll talk about it in next section), so in additional to saving you from getting one shotted, it will proc a lot and save you some hp on heated ground.

If you get feline fur coating from canteen, try something like this: (no divine protection)

Or if you have better builds, please share.

Heat guard:

Everybody here is saying heat guard is mandatory… I just cannot get it without sacrificing other skills too much so I said screw it, I'm just gonna do it and wait for feline fur coating in canteen. In compensate, I use fireproof + temporal mantle. Do not use your fire mantle immediately, try to save it for his charged up state, since in that state he leaves a lot of heated ground.

And feline fur coating ended up not showing up for 10+ quest so I just got all my tickets without heat guard… But if you see it in your daily skill, don't hesitate and use a meal voucher.

Whetfish fin to Sharpen:


The build I used only have 30 units of white and 80% affinity. Use Whetfish fin to sharpen when he flies up and just finish an attack. It should be fairly safe.

Some tips for foresight slash that you might not know:
The beginning of the fight where he appear and land, you can prepare to foresight when he's going to land to get an easy upgrade for spirit gauge. After that he's gonna roar and you can follow up with another one.

His roar are fairy easy to tell. If he didn't do anything for too long (about 2 seconds), and he fore-limbs move back a little bit, he's gonna roar. With some practice you can almost always pull it off.

When he's about to land from flying, stay under him and do a foresight.

For his body slam + explosion attack, if you're close to him, do foresight – poke – foresight. You might get hit still if you are at a bad spot, but it shouldn't kill you, and you get to stay close to him. If you're not, do a superman dive until you see the explosion ring pass, then roll inside.

Hit the chest:

When you get your first knockdown on him at his charged state, try to save your helm breaker. Do a spirit combo first and then use helm breaker, aim for his chest. It should do enough damage for another knockdown or stagger.


Fortify is there cause dying is common in this quest. If you feel like you cannot do enough damage, play more aggressively and try to proc fortify earlier.


You cannot superman dive if you're too far away from a monster. So for his sweeping laser-beam attack, always run towards him first. If you can make it under him, great opening. If you cannot, superman dive.

That's it for now, first time posting here. Again I'm just a noob myself, just talking from my own experience here and try to make it maybe useful for someone out there.

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