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Some tips for new players: How to not die

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There are a lot of tricks in Monster Hunter that aren't explicitly shown to you so I'm going to throw out a few that will save your ass.

Tip #1: Stay the fu*k down

When you take a big enough hit, you are knocked to the ground. Monster Hunter is a very exciting game so it can be tempting to try and get up as fast as possible and get back into the fray. What you aren't told, though, is that while you're flat on your ass you can't be hit again. This is important because some Monsters have attacks that can either hit you once at the start of it and continue until they hit you again when you get up (Anjanath bulldozer jaw), or some monsters attack quickly enough to threaten you with certain things while you're trying to stand up (Rathalos talon gank). Watch the monster for any threats before inputting a direction to stand your character up. You can save yourself from death or stun!

Tip #2: Superman Dive


Have you ever noticed while you're sprinting, the animation changes into comical cowardice when you put your back to the monster? If you press the dodge button here, your character will perform an oh-shit-please-don't-kill-me dive. This dive has a very large amount of i-frames and is so useful it can be absolutely necessary depending on the fight. One of the most infamously difficult to avoid attacks is Nergigante's dive bomb, which has a massive area of effect and deals extreme damage, but if you learn the cue for it and sheathe your weapon in time, you can start a sprint and superman dive just as he comes down and you'll be completely safe! Look for ways to use the dive whenever you find yourself in a situation where you feel like you're about to take an unavoidable hit.

Tip #3: Hiding

MH:W offers you opportunities to hide whenever you crouch in specific types of foliage, when your character uses the Ghillie Mantle, or when you're within a Sporepuff cloud. You can tell when you're hidden by a blue circle around your minimap and a music change, as well as the monster becoming seemingly clueless to you. You can use these opportunities to heal and sharpen, but what's also cool is you can start a sharpen in some bush and it'll count as a normal crouch! Aggressive monsters can make it very dangerous to try and sharpen or use items, so use the hiding mechanic when you feel the need to.

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