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Some tips&tricks to new players

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The PC release of MHW is just about to happen, so here's some tips, tricks and advice for you new players(or old):

You should probably know about some abbreviations that either are found ingame or that the community uses:

LR: low rank

HR: high rank/hunter rank (note that they're not the same thing)

SnS: Sword and shield

IG: Insect glaive

HH: Hunting horn

GL: Gunlance


LS: Longsword

SA/Swaxe: Switch axe

CB: Charge blade

DB: Dual blades

HBG: Heavy bowgun

LBG: Light bowgun

Next up is a few general advice:

There are 14 different weapon types in World. As soon as you get your hands on the starting weapons, you should go to the training area and experiment a little with all of them. You could play with all of them or just one, but remember that having 1-5 "main" weapons is more easily manageable.

If you want to get to endgame content as soon as possible, and still want to have fun, Id recommend that you don't farm too much until you reach high rank. That's just one way to do it and of course you should get better gear if you're having trouble with a monster.

Remember to be always completing bounties. You get bounties from the resource center, and bounties give you armor spheres that are used to upgrade armor.

Lastly, here are a few tips and tricks that might be useful:

Keep in mind that if you have a ranged weapon equipped you are a "gunner" and take less elemental damage, but you take more damage from physical strikes. This is the same but the other way around for melee weapons(blademasters)

You can find walls that you can jump off of. They sometimes allow you to mount the monster(aerial damage results to a mount if you do it enough). This is imo most effective for heavy melee-weapons. In the first area they look like mushrooms that grow on trees, but they look different in every area.


Your slinger is really useful. You always have it on you, and with it you can swing around wedge beetles and shoot slinger ammo. Here's a more in-depth guide

When capturing a monster, you can use the tranquilizers before using the trap.

Traps become less effective the more you use it on the monster, but pitfall traps have a separate resistance to shock traps.

Pay attention to ypur surroundings. You may find vigorwasps or medicinal flowers that heal you when struck. Also you can find plants that leave a poison puddle to the ground that can poison the monster(or you). In some places there are even hanging stuff in the ceiling that can be dropped with your slinger, and they might do massive damage if dropped on the monster.

Use herbal medicine instead of antidotes. It's faster, it heals for a small amount and it heals poison like antidotes.

If you know you're gonna use a certain item a lot, bring materials to craft them on the fly.

When farming for materials you should do investigations, but if that isn't possible, responding to an SOS is a good alternative.

Shoot puddle pods at the monster if it has mud armor to break it off.

Im not spoiling anything, but befriending the cat-tribes that are in every area is worth it.

Here's a guide for the canteen

I hope you learned something new. If you have any corrections or more questions, comment away. Happy hunting!

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