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Something rubs me the wrong way about how I lost this hunt.

MonsterHunterWorld4 - Something rubs me the wrong way about how I lost this hunt.

It was a Black Gravios, he carted me 3 times, but each time I felt kind of helpless… I don't know:

  1. I ate a Chilled Meat, but I guess those last shorter than Cool Drinks because i got caught without heat res mid fight. I got hit mid-sheathe trying to reapply it (Gunlance sheathe takes forever), and then before I could have a safe window between laser beams to use a Cool Drink, the heat killed (since that hit I took trying to drink up took out most of my health.
  2. Got back to it, but im only in High Rank, so I don't have supplies to bring Mega Nutrients into every hunt so my HP was less. That's fine I guess, but I was fighting it again, I got hit once…not especially unusual, this is a fight after all, and I was afflicted with Fireblight. My health was ticking down, but from last experience, I knew I couldn't sheathe anytime i liked to get rid of it, so I tried hopping to knock off the blight. This is way less efficient than rolling though (6 hops = 3 rolls for Fireblight), and you obviously can't block while hopping. You can only hop 2 times in a row, and it consumes all your stamina basically, so you have to find 3 windows to hop before the blight goes away. Top it all of with that, if he hits you during any of those windows, the fireblight gets reapplied, your health is still ticking down, AND you just took laser beam damage…plus the reduced max HP, and yeah, in the end he killed me just from just a single Fireblight.
  3. Still reduced max HP, I went back into the fight, had most of my health. Thought he was doing a horizontal laser, because most of those attacks look pretty similar at first, so I went for a Full Burst. He was doing a pull-back-and-shoot-at-his-feet laser instead, so okay, simple mistake, I got hit. But even at what had to be 80% health, the move one shot me.

So yeah, I don't know… this game is just way more punishing than World apparently. Which is strange, because 4U was my first Monster Hunter game, and its where I initially fell in love with the Gunlance.


4U has way simpler gameplay than World, and I thought I liked it better as a result, but coming back to it, things like not being able to go from unsheathed GL into Guard really debilitates you, and makes sheathing to recover from hits a super unsafe option. (you have to do a super slow running attack or neutral unsheathe to get your shield out) feels terrible… don't know how I ever played this game coming back to it.

And its not like im some rookie. 350 hours in World, 70 hours in 4U back in the day… it's pretty frustrating that after all this time and effort, im still failing High Rank quests.

Do I just suck? Or is 4U supposed to be harder. I know GL is called underpowered in 4U, but I thought that was just in regards to DPS/Speedrunning times, not a poor moveset or anything. Like I said, I really liked this moveset back when I started playing, and I still do.

I truly just don't understand how I can still fail at thing like this XD

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