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Spare Shot DPS increase simulated

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So, since the spare shot is coming to Luna weapon, I did a bit of coding and simulate the result "if" under ideal situation, what's the dps increase.

It's assuming the following: you always hit weak point and trigger critical if the ammo can crit, you are basically hitting the pole and spends no time chasing monsters/healing/etc, just recoil/reload time.(got the rough time from online videos comparing recoil mod/reload mod)

It also assume spare shot proc 20% of time(EDIT: found a Japanese test 1000 round of normal 1,


), which i got the number from somewhere else that people posted their test result.

With weapon NOT augmented and user not buffed, here are what I find after simulate 1000 repeats to use up all ammos(include crafting you can carry) for the following 3 weapon.

Taroth "Rage" Flame ammo rapid shot(assume recoil time 2s and reload time 1.5s):

  • Crit hits about 42/22/22 per shot

  • 4.57% DPS increase

Dark Devour RNG Cannon(assume 2s recoil time and 3.5s reload time, does not include prep animation, also assume you have ammo up 3 so cluster 3 have clip size of 2):

  • Damage per shot is 215* .36 * 5

  • 15.7% DPS increase

Taroth Glutton Spread 3(assume recoil time 1s and reload time 1.5s):

  • Damage per shot: 19 * 7 (CB3 on crit, base damage value is about 14 * 7)

  • 5.8% DPS increase (only 4.1% if you have ammo up lv3)

Conclusion: Glutton is pretty broken consider this, ideal condition DPS for cluster 3 without spare shot is about 103.2, while Glutton is 106.4 and 112( without and with Ammo up 3). Face tanking any weak spot with build that targets getting damage out is surreal. Even with a 300 damage stagger point, if you miss half the pellet, you can stagger a monster per clip(106.4 * 6 / 2 = 319.2).

And finally, the sweat spot for getting 5% or more DPS increase seems to be ammo clip size of 4~5. While rapid shot I thought I would get more, but the simulation says otherwise(consider how easy it is to miss rapid shot on moving weak points). It's also affected by the amount of total ammo you can carry. But it don't affect that much since 60->120 only decrease the total about .5%.

For Glutton build, it's already hard to cram in Ammo Up 3, usually to choose between 108% crit or 95% but with Ammo up 3. Ammo Up 3 should be the winner in this case. As Ammo up 3 is about 5.2% DPS increase base on numbers.

Lastly, if my number is off by too much, please let me know the exact number(ie frames/seconds for recoil/reload animation), I can run the sim again.


edit: added awesome Japanese proc rate checking video, minor edit to fix sentence.

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