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Speculation: The Azure Star, something that is to Xeno Jiiva what the “Crimson Comets” were to Valstrax?

478445 AARA1 1024x576 - Speculation: The Azure Star, something that is to Xeno Jiiva what the "Crimson Comets" were to Valstrax?

A random bout of speculation, probably utterly and completely unfounded… but in another thread someone mentioned Valstrax when discussing another subject which led me to google him as I haven't played Generations yet.

And at first… I thought nothing of it. I went "Oh cool, jet rocket energy wings dragon". Then paused for a moment "Unatural looking dragon.. with strong out-of-this-world.. bathed in energy… doesn't that remind me of someth-"

And that's when I went "F*** "

I doubt the two are related(thought I might be surprised considering Xeno Jiiva is shown coming out of a cocoon)… but now I wonder if they might at least be "echoes" of each others.

Valstrax is a dragon shown apparently streaking across the skies such that for the longest time people(at least in the in-game lore) didn't even realizes he was a dragon and thought what they were seeing was a comet. A crimson comet, the color of the energies he's bathed in.

Now we're in the New World, with many monsters that already feel like thematic echoes of ones we've met before(like how Great Jagras keep being compared to Zamtrius despite being unrelated).

And one of the monsters we have is the Xeno Jiiva, a massive otherworldly-looking monster, one even bearing the greek word for "alien" in it's name even as descriptions from it's armor set play a lot on "outer realms" themes. A monster bathed in blue-hued bright energies… probably leading to the English translation of his Japanese title being "Dark Light Dragon".

But now there is one symbology that kept being thrown at us all the time during all of World's story: "Azure Star". And technically it's supposed to be a real start, which navigators used to guide their way to the New World and elsewhere.


And it's probably a coincidence.

It most certainly IS a coincidence.

But now I'm wondering. If a dragon had been confused for a streaking comet for so long.

Could what some people call and think of as a "Star" …be in truth another, larger, dragon? One of blue… azure hues. Like Xeno Jiiva.

Especially when the great ravine alone look more like something of a giant crater from which the Coral Highlands… and by extension the Rotten Vale where so many dragons have went to die into so massive piles that it literally form the ground you walk on in some places…. and that Xeno Jiiva's whole schtick back when it was in it's cocoon was to lure other dragons to itself to feed on their lifeforce when they expired?

Heck, Xeno Jiiva might be a cousin species to Valstrax without our own knowing(they do share that "ribcage glowing with inner energy deal" at the very least. If not the mature form of that crimson comet literally(it IS shown coming out of a cocoon.

I have my doubts because their wings are -so- different(and Valstrax IS a design that is much crazier looking with those borderline rocketwings) but I wouldn't be surprised if it was discovered someday or confirmed by devs that Xeno Jiiva was indeed built as an "echo" of Valstrax(if not literally the mature form of a cousin species) and that perhaps we might have to be a bit more worried about this supposedly benevolent Azure Star above.

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