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[Spoilers] Winter Fest confirmed!

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Hey guys! Looked into the new update (5.10) and saw that we have a new armor set besides the three new γ sets.

Armor is called Orion α. Armor descriptions are as follows: "Requires a Winter Star Ticket to craft. Warm and snug armor so you can enjoy the winter festivities."

Armor skills include Recovery Up, Flinch Free, Windproof, Health Boost, and Heroics. {Handicraft is from my talisman.}

Images below! v


Hunter Armor(Orion α):

EDIT 2: Aloy y is also present for full armor sets. To craft the entire set, you'll need: x2 Aloy Tickets, x15 Deviljho Scales, x1 Anjanath Gem, and x1 Deviljho Gem.

I'll try to do things like this when updates arrive in the future!

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