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Spread bows of XX/GU- Worn Bow is good?

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Bow is one of my favorites weapons in the series. It's unfortunate, but usually only one or two bows are competitive in the endgame of an MH game. You'd rarely find a bow user not using Kama Sedition or Bow of Light & Courage in the games they were dominant in. The reason why is because 4th generation Bow deals damage in a very specific way: it multiplies its raw. The weapon has numerous multipliers and modifiers that can exponentially increase its damage, meaning that bows that can take advantage of this feature will quickly outstrip the rest. Kama Sedition and Light & Courage exploited this far better than their peers. In GU, however, Capcom did a great job presenting us with numerous bows that, although not completely optimal, come close enough that you won't feel handicapped playing them. What I mean by that is that many bows have easy access to all the important damage modifiers coupled with great stats. Especially among rapid bows, we're presented with many bows that naturally have P2 coatings, charge3+ with a good shot type, and most importantly excellent stats.

Spread Bows in particular got a very unique option in the form of the Chameleos/Garuga Bow

The final column, Effective Damage, is what I'm sure you're all interested in. This is the damage applied before hitzone calculation. I assumed you're carrying a powercharm and powertalon, that challenger is active, that you chose to not eat for temper or attack, and that you have not consumed might seeds or demondrugs. If you'd like to change those variables feel free to do it yourself and see if anything changes for you. "Average" shot type is assuming you shoot power shots exactly half the time. If you find yourself skipping the standard charge shot or playing valor, then your effective damage should be higher than the listed average.


Note that Worn Bow's sets A, B, and the awful set C are all inferior to Chameleos's set A. Because we had to skip a core skill, our damage greatly suffered for it. Yet when the worn bow is allowed to have all 4 of its core skills it begins to outdamage Chameleos, albeit very, very slightly. For some longer hunts you may burn through all your P2 coatings, but P1 access may not be enough to make up the damage difference in many hunts.

The Conclusion

When I started this I admittedly did not expect Worn Bow's optimized set to be as competitive as it was. I hadn't even thought an optimized set with all the important armor skills was possible. Turns out it was. For us plebeians who can't reach such a zenith of power, I'd suggest you listen to the Devil's Counsel. You can definitely do reasonably well with the slightly less powerful Aged Bow set, but shooting arrows out of a grimoire is quite fun as well and usually stronger. In the end, the only reason we're playing spread bow over a standard scylla set is for fun, so if you just like worn bow over the magic tome, then you do you.

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