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Stacking Horn Buffs with Deco’s

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Hello, been rocking the Teostra horn vs Arch Vaal and after a search of the forums there is no clear answer: Does having 3 Divine Protection Deco's stack with the horn ability like it did in the older titles?

It's obviously smarter to use the horn to prevent Miasma Blight because it saves the team 12 Deco slots, I used DP vs Arch Kirin as well, but does it stack and what % of the time will the horn trigger?

For the record the regular DP skill is 15%, 30%, 50% to reduce damage to…half? 20%? Seems to trigger constantly in the Miasma, but i wouldn't expect a double reduction.

What level is the XL horn buff?

Got to say with Teo's horn we triggered Paralysis 3-4 times quite regularly. Was the smoothest Arch Vaal fight i've had yet, lost 1/7. Does anyone know off the top of their head does a status like Paralysis have diminishing chances? Can you only do it 3X like flash and sleep?


Does the horn buff your poison mist items, does it perchance work on the Girros swarms as well? I'd feel confident if we even had a sleeper on the squad – Orphee's Abnormal Status Atk. Increased is my new favourite toy!

Bonus Lore: Orphée is the French for Orpheus; is a hero of Greek mythology, son of the king of Thrace and the Muse Calliope. Poet and musician, he was sometimes considered a prophet and inspired a religious movement called "Orphism", which was related to Pythagoreans and Dionysiac mysteries. Orpheus was part of the Argonauts; his descent into the Underworld and his failure to bring his wife Eurydice back to the world of the living is his myth.

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