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(Storytime) Gear & Rank doesn’t replace skill and monster knowledge.

MonsterHunterWorld1 - (Storytime) Gear & Rank doesn't replace skill and monster knowledge.

Just a small story I wanted to share with you guys about some "freeloaders" a few months into the games lifecycle.

Shortly after the games release there were a bunch of communities showing up on steam to gather people and ask for help or hunting buddies. I joined and even had some nice hunts with this and that member and even posted that I would help if someone got stuck or needs another helping hand.

I was mainly playing alone or with a good friend every now and then but he wasn't that into MHW. One day I receive 2 friend requests. I accept and as usually ask them who they are and what they need/want from me. Those were 2 guys stuck at Nergi and were getting quite frustrated according to them. I sympathize with them remembering my struggles with nergi in the beginning.

Low and behold we cart the first 2-3 times because they were heavily undergeared. They asked if it would be better to just stay in the back and let me do the work. I wasn't a fan of the idea but they promised to get better gear afterwards and I first saw some new hunting buddies in them.

It was kind of a chore at first trying to solo Nergi in a 3 man quest but I did it on the first or second try, just took forever. I ran some additional quests with them to get them better gear. Then we approached the other Eldar Dragons, at this time another guy joined our hunting party and he was a very decent player, on par with me and even better when it came to Gear/Weapon loadouts and tactics. We killed the remaining ED's him and me fighting and the other ones staying in the back, even though they had better gear they failed to read monster movement and just randomly switched weapons and didn't seem to have a prefered weapon or weapon where they know the attack set.

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The other decent player got annoyed at them not helping so after the ED's he said he will see us after Xeno. By god was that fight a pain in the ass. I was a decent player but fighting Xeno alone on a quest scaled for 3 players took ages especially cause I didn't progess my gear further because I always helped them. After 2-3 carts/time runouts I managed to secure the win. After that I told them to practice more, learn what weapon they prefer and learn monster movesets, otherwise I will not assist them in the future.

I started hunting tempered monsters with the decent player and he actually gave me a ton of tips regarding a lot of stuff that I overlooked at first (flash/dung pods for example). I got a message from one of the two guys asking if I could help them again (I think it was Kirin) Now they brought a friend along so we were a full 4 man hunting group. We searched Kirin, found him and I waited for a moment. All of those 3 guys stopped as well. I simply said "Go ahead and attack", after they charged I charged as well but retreated as soon as I saw them back off again. After realising that I will stop attacking if they don't do their part and participate they started begging me to carry them trough Kirin and it will be the last time.

I refused stating that if they can't even beat that Kirin (think it was HR29) they will fail at Kirin HR49 and I will not assist them anymore before reaching HR50. I got a few messages every now and then asking to help but since it was below HR49 i refused. They stopped playing as far as I know.

I still don't know what their goal was, did they think it will get easier? On the other hand an old friend of mine thats been playing since MHFU just like me also asked to help him trough the story faster which I did but he allways contributed to the quest and is now an even higher rank with better gear, he just didn't want to spend so much time in the low level tier.

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