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Storytime: Introducing my cousin to MH4U

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Day 1

My cousin isn't exactly new to MH. He's played a bit of World, and owns MH3U but hasn't played it much. So because I missed his birthday I bought him 4U and had him spend the night so we could enjoy some good ol monster hunting. I get him set up, get all the event quests downloaded, and immediately headed into a harvest tour in the Ancestral Steppe. He decided to try out the gunlance and as soon as I told him how to fire the lance he shot me off nearly every ledge you could find. I showed him how to make potions and mega potions, why it's important to gather everything that isn't nailed down.

So skip forward a thirty minutes we have succeeded in strip mining the Steppe. During the 30 minute gathering session my cousin figured he didn't like the gunlance cause of how slow it is. So instead he swapped it out for the Insect Glaive, and he wanted to hunt a monster so I asked "do you want to hunt a big raptor, a giant monkey, a giant frog, or an annoying bastard?" He chose tetsucabra. Now keep in mind, he's wearing the Derring Armor and is using an unupgraded IG. For those who don't know what the Derring Armor is, it is one of the worst armors due to it having only a grand total of 5 defense.

So we head out and my cousin can't get the hang of the IG at all. No problem, it has a bit of a learning curve. Things uh…went really down hill. We were mining materials and the tetsucabra decided to pay us a visit, and proceed to nearly one shotted my cousin. So he did his best to contribute without dying…it didn't work. He fainted twice and concluded he didn't like this weapon. Finally we managed to kill the Tet with my cousin hanging back and he metaphorically threw the Glaive into the Hollow for no one to ever find again.

So then he switched to Hammer and decided to do the literal dumbest thing possible: do the Sand Blasted event quest. Now for those who don't know what the sand blasts quest is it is a siege quest where you have to slay or repel an elder dragon. Now I've had trouble with this quest cause I didn't see there was ballista ammo in the item chest, and a binder. Luckily my cousin saw it, and we actually seemed like we'd have a chance. Then my cousin triple carted cause it would one shot him. So we tried again, and actually got further than before, but again he got killed three times, but the third time was absolutely amazing.

He got onto the ballista, fired once, and the elder dragon retaliated by crushing him with a boulder. After that we concluded that my cousin's character is actually dead and we haven't found all the pieces yet. We think we found his hand, but it doesn't look right.

So we tried the siege again, but instead he chose one of the other profiles on the cartridge and we went at it again. Luckily this character my cousin was playing as was just under my own character gear wise, and was using a Longsword. It was a slaughter practically. To give you an image of what happened picture a dude in full Gore armor and with the Gore GS and a dude wearing Kezhu and Zamtrios armor with the Najarla LS on the back of a Dah'ren Mohran stabbing some soft fleshy bits on its back and periodically mining his back. And then it happened, we got to the final showdown.

It honestly it felt like a freaking anime introduction. Two tiny ass hunters running at one of the largest elder dragons in existence. So my cousin is running back and forth between the Dah'ren, and hitting the hunting gong and firing binders. And finally with a shot to the face with a Dragonator we killed the bastard. We did the siege a couple more times before heading to bed and we looked forward to playing tommorow, and my irl cat jumped at me and clawed my leg mid siege at one point.


Day 2

So we woke up, got some coffee, I showed my cousin the Cyberpunk 2077 E3 trailer cause he's never heard of it, and then I started playing the 58 minute gameplay from last year while we were in our prehunt. He went with his character and we went out to start building up his HR. I decided to see if my cousin wanted to try the Switch Ax and ho ho ho ho ho, it was glorious. As a SA main myself I was able to tell him how to use the SA effectively, and the hunt was a beautiful display. It was the first time my cousin legitimately felt like he was using the proper weapon to slay monsters, and he found his main. And by the end of the hunt I obtained a joke helmet, the Jaggi Mask.

Back when I first started playing I wanted this mask just as a joke cause it looked funny and went with the Jaggi armor, but I never managed to find the will to grind the G. Jaggi for more frills. Well I never knew it'd be this great. For those who haven't made it or don't play 4U it changes the player voice type to sound closer to a Genprey's voice, and when the camera is far away it looks like my character is just happy like that. And seriously, seeing my cousin's reaction to the weird little monster sounds I now make was amusing as hell. So now a little fashion/joke set I made is now slowly becoming my main armor.

So we did a few more hunts to get his HR up, and then we met the annoying bastard. Also known as Gypceros. This little rubbery bastard wouldn't fucking stop flashing and poisoning us, and we literally were on the verge of running out of healing items because he kept fucking stealing them! But eventually we managed to succeed.

And then he sorta hit a brick wall in the sense that we had to fight a Nerscylla, and my cousin has arachnophobia. So you know, that was fun having to deal with my cousin's phobia while fighting a hooge spider. But he managed to get past his fear and kill that damn spider. Managed to get the killing blow too.

So we had about an hour left before I had to take my cousin back home so we decided to do something against our better nature: Sand Blasted.

So I figured now that he has better armor and weapons he theoretically should be able to do more than before right? Well you'd be partially right. We did do far better considering we had the siege down to a science. But despite everything he fainted twice and we got to the final showdown. And I did the one thing anyone smart enough would do: tell him to sit his ass in the boat and use the ballista and cannons. So there I was, with my tiny ass SnS looking absolutely dumb with a G. Jaggi mask on fighting a huge ass dragon with my cousin firing tiny little arrows at him and periodically hitting a gong.

And somehow we managed to kill the bastard. I guess a shot to the head with a Dragonator will do that.

So we did the siege again with only one faint (me I was firing a cannon when he decided to ram the ship and I wasn't at full health.) And we actually managed to win without the Dragonator this time, and my cousin actually fought along side me on Dah'ren. It was honestly a great end to our first time playing MH together.

So if you read this far I just wanna thank you. It was really special having someone to play MH4U with. Especially after not having anyone I know to play with for over two months cause my MHW hunting partner is away from his home due to a summer trip. So it was really nice hunting with someone I know.

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