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Stygian Zinogre 2’11 Switch Axe Speedrun – Breakdown

MonsterHunterWorld9 - Stygian Zinogre 2'11 Switch Axe Speedrun - Breakdown

Hey guys! Ruse again! Wanted to bring you another breakdown for you guys, this one is going to be a little bit sorter than usual but I hope you enjoy it none the less!

Here's the run:

*I will update the post with the build when I can, Honey Hunters builder doesn't seem to be loading at the moment*

For this run I decided to use the Apothecary Mantle in order to get more blast procs, and I brought a Temporal Mantle so I can avoid taking damage when ZSDing Stygians head once my Apothecary Mantle wears out. Besides that, the only things I brought with me were Demon Powder, Mega Demondrug, 1 Dung Pod, a Might Seed, 2 Tranq Bombs, and a Shock Trap.

At the start of the run, like most of my other special arena runs, I start by throwing out some Demon Powder right before hitching a ride on the zipline. Once I land, I chug back my Mega Demondrug and equip my dung pod. Once I'm inside the arena, I shoot my dung pod at the floor below the rock trap in order to lure Stygian over to that location, while he's moving over there, I eat my might seed, grab some rocks, and equip my apothecary mantle.

After equipping my mantle, I jump down into the arena while shooting a rock at the ground in order to get Stygians attention, this will ensure that he'll be facing me when i drop the rock trap onto him so that I can clutch claw him right away, it also puts him into a good position for when I latch onto his head for a wallbang shortly after dropping the rock trap. After getting his attention, I drop the rock trap onto him and clutch claw onto his head. I wound his head and then roll back towards him and immediately transform into sword mode so that I can get a bit of build up started for ZSD. After the first hit I get on his head, I hit Triangle+Circle to do ZSD, and then L2 IMMEDIATELY, so that I can clutch claw onto his head. It's worth noting that when Stygian gets up from a knockdown, that he has a short animation where he cannot be turned with a clutch claw slap, so I had to wait a second to turn him. I slap him two times, in previous runs I've done of this he's been in such a position where I've done up to 3, but I got a pretty good position this time and only had to slap him twice, which saves a bit of time and also ensures that he'll be enraged once he gets back up.


Once I got the wallbang knockdown, I need to build up power in sword mode so that I can start ZSD spamming Stygian. I hit him with Triangle > Triangle > Circle > Triangle > Triangle > Circle, now that my sword is fully powered up, I can start ZSD spamming him, so I hit him with Triangle+Circle to latch onto his head with ZSD and start spamming Triangle. After the first ZSD, I get a clagger and continue to ZSD on Stygians head. Normally at this point, I'd equip my temporal mantle, but Stygian did his attack where he stands in place and zaps lighting all around him, which left his head vulnerable again, so I chose to do one more ZSD while my apothecary mantle was still up. Immediately after this ZSD, I put away my weapon, dodge one of his attacks, and throw on my Temporal mantle. At this point, I know that I only need maybe two or three more ZSD's in order for Stygian to be capturable, so I continue to latch onto his head and ZSD spam until I felt like he was ready to be captured. Once I'm done with my ZSD's i throw down my tranq bombs, and place my trap in order to capture him. And that's the run!

I know this one was a bit sorter than others I've posted in the past but I hope some of you have enjoyed it anyways, ZSD spam runs are relatively simple and there isn't too much difficulty behind them besides coming up with a solid script to follow. The slowest time I managed with this script and build was around 2'30, so the script and build is pretty solid overall and this particular run only took me about 10-15 hours of work to achieve.

Thanks for reading and watching 🙂 As always, I appreciate you all very much <3 Feel free to ask me anything!

Ruse ~

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