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Sub 15 Jho strat for the hunters having troubles… In-Depth.

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So I just got on this week and notice that nobody really ever utilizes the crystal zone/area environmental traps-Dodogama/Devil Jho's sleeping area. Im clearing Jho solo around 11 minutes pretty easy minus the occasional cart, which still nets me under 15 min times. My PR for Temp-Jho is 7 minutes but most of the time I just do the way I explain below cause its more consistent. Take it or leave it but I'm just sharing some knowledge from my 1000+ hours of MH experience (400+ on MHW) to hopefully help some fellow hunters.

Here are the Charge Blade sets that I use for the runs, you can just adjust your builds accordingly and run w/e you have and w/e weapon you have too but this guide will mainly reference Charge Blade usage. This strat works with all weapons but with the Impact phial effect with certain CBs usually net you an extra KO or two which synergizes well with the method below.

My Earplugs Temp-Jho Set

I routinely switch out Atk boost 4 for 1 Ironwill gem and 3 Artillery gems with a Trem Res. 2 Charm. Yes, 4 attack jewels is used in this build-I sniped for probably 25% of my 400+ hours for 3 of them and for my other 3-one from Kulve, 2 from temp Kushala for 7 total including the one you're given.

My DPS Temp-Jho Set

Guard +1 will and a charged shield will give you +3 guard boost which will allow you to follow up a regular block or guard point with an AED/SAED after the majority of attacks. Guard up allows you to block any pin animation attacks like Jho's big stomp. Again, dec-sniping/scumming is your best friend for these bad boys. Tyrannis ll is just for aesthetics so I don't get bored… Both of the charge blades shown have health/affinity augments.

This is how it works;

Step 1; If the map loads with Dodo boy already in Jho's mouth, find them and dung pod Jho for Dodo to isolate himself for the beat down of the century. If Dodo is alone when you load in, even better. Once Dodogama shows the skull icon which usually takes only maybe 3 min tops, let him limp off to sleep in his area.

Step 2; While Dodogama is sleeping after his beat down, set up a pitfall trap under one of the two crystal environmental traps of your choice or one pitfall under one and a shock trap under the other, set your bombs, etc. Grab some crystal burst and then capture/kill dodo boy. Charge your shield and sword on Dodo, sharpen if necessary and prepare for a free SAED/AED as Jho will immediately run into the zone and pause before either roaring or proceeding to chew on some Dodo bbq. Sometimes you can sneak in two SAED's if Jho doesn't roar or engage you and goes straight to eating. Earplugs Lv5 and/or rocksteady/evasion mantle(s) can really help here.


Step 3; After Jho eats/roars, Lure him to your previously set trap(s) under the crystal stalactite trap(s) you've chosen. Beat him up and then as he begins to emerge from the trap(s), hit him with the stalactite and he will down again for more free dmg. The Gajalakas in the zone will also be applying random status effects and throwing meowlatovs every time you down/trap Jho so be aware where of they're positioning. At this point you're like 3k+ dmg deep on him now in only maybe 5-7 minutes tops, bearing in mind that you're landing all of the phial discharges from your ultras (SAEDs) + attacking the correct areas and filling phials correctly from all the downs you get from your traps, gajalaka status effects, impact phial KOs, and environmental traps combined back to back. <- Sounds like a lot because it is, this has literally happened for me on a run; Jho falls into pitfall trap, gajalaka sleep him, I charge on dead dodo, Bomb + Saed sleeping Jho, Jho wakes up and gets paralyzed, I drop a stalactite on him, Jho gets up and gets KO'd from the impact phials I've been spamming this whole time, and then FINALLY he sleeps again for another Bomb SAED wake up as I charge on Dodo boy's dead body a second time.

If all has gone to plan you can at this point you can do one of two things, fight him or dung pod him for a different area while you regroup (sharpen, stock on traps, w/e) and proceed to do whatever you usually do. Stay patient, keep a charged shield for guard points, utilize supers (AEDs), utilize the triangle x3 and x2 combos and stay patient for the charged O combo since Temp Jho is so aggressive.

Again, this is just my personal strat and am in no sense a god-like speed runner or anything but I consider myself a well-off CB user. It might seem a bit tedious but its simple and completely eliminates the potential rage from Dodo spam [email protected]#$! roaring out of nowhere as Jho shoves his tail up your @** leading to you stagger cart and just adds maybe 3 minutes tops to the mission. Alas that's my personal strat for DJ in the Elder's Recess, again take it with a grain of salt. Good luck with those streamstones!

Im currently uploading a really shitty run that I did really quick for the post; Dodo and Jho both escape the zone and I just spam SAEDs without regard for aiming for the head but I wound up with a 13 minute and something seconds capture run.

Edits are for additional info and general grammar correction.

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