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SUB 3’00 (Or close to) Teostra Runs & Weapon list

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Similar to my Nergigante list on here –

Here is a list for Teostra, mainly because I'm finding this elder dragon to be the hardest tempered to solo at the moment. (not including kirin)

Will update as i find more, if anyone can help translate what skills are used please do so. If I cant find any sub 3'00 I will post up whichever time is closest, if anyone can find lower times I can update this.

DISCLAIMER: this is not to see which weapon is the best.

  • Lance 2'36

  • Gunlance 2'32

  • Bow 1'44

  • Lightbowgun 3'00

  • Heavy bowgun 1'38

  • Greatsword 3'11

  • Longsword 2'48

  • SwitchAxe 5'08

  • Hammer 2'43

  • Hunting Horn 6'04

  • Chargeblade 2'13

  • Sword and shield 3'00

  • Dual blades 2'36

  • Insect Glaive 3'52

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