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Hello Hunters,

Hope everyone got all their grinding in during the appreciation fest!

The purpose of this post is to create an open discussion/forum on the current design aspects of the subreddit, as well as give a brief synopsis of some of the challenging aspects of making everything actually look legible. If you just want the TL;DR version, skip to the bottom.

As some of you may know, about a week ago, Reddit decided to change a bunch of the back end design aspects of their "New Design" without giving us any notice, which screwed up A LOT of subs across the site. This is why some of you were all of a sudden finding content extremely hard to read. This also seems to afflict some more than others, and the only correlation regarding visibility I've noticed, seem to be device dependent. Currently, there is no way to access every individual aspect of the sub to customize how it looks. You first must select a "main theme color", which is "auto adjusted" by reddit's theme engine to change the hex coloring how it sees fit. This is exactly why some of the content was completely illegible, and looked like complete dog crap. As of right now, there is no way to over ride that system, and you are kind of at mercy of trial and error. There are about 15-20 different customization options, all of which seemingly interact and clash with one of another. This has also been the root cause of why my macbook has almost flown out my window a few times… Needless to say, I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to fine tune EVERY aspect possible, and have chosen a completely different color scheme. With that being said, I do not have the time, nor the means to test every single specific device for compatibility. If you are having/experiencing any issues going forward, please reply to me here and i'll do my best to help you trouble shoot. When doing so, please include what issues your're having, provide screenshots if possible, what device you are using, and what firmware that device is on.


Honestly from a personal prospective, I would use the regular mode (and disable night mode), if I was able to change the bar color to the "menu options" (one of the currently unavailable things to change). The easiest and best looking way to use reddit in general, is to just use night mode. That is, unless you enjoy burning your retina's out loading blindingly bright screens =P.

TL;DR: Reddit screwed a bunch of stuff up on the back end of their theme engine, and I did my best to try and make it as legible as possible with a new color scheme. The new layout should be a lot easier to read. The problem seems to be device dependent, and I do not have the time, nor the means to test each possibility. Please let me know if you are still having any issues. If so, reply to this post with your issue (screenshots if possible), what device you're on, and what firmware said device is on.

If anyone has any suggestions as to any specific colors/design aspects that you want to see, feel free to post those as well. I'm definitely interested to see if this helps you guys at all, and how we can possibly make it better/more fine tuned.

Thanks in advance for your time!



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