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Subspecies I’d like to see in a possible G rank

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After I saw a post (can't find it) where a user said that he/she wanted to see a Confusion Pukei-Pukei, I have been thinking about possible subspecies for the new monsters. Without further ado, I'll list what I thought. Tell me what do you think and what you would change/add/remove.

Rainbow Pukei-Pukei

(We start of course with a Confusion Pukei)

The RPP is a monster that feeds on Exciteshrooms. This has led this monster to be able to emit a weird gas that causes Confusion to the target, much like its distant cousin Malfestio. Its tail is constantly enlarged, as this allows the RPP to spray the gas in every moment. Cutting the tail will deprive the RPP to spray the gas, but while falling, the tail will release all the gas in the area. The tongue, in addition, can trigger the status, even if not as much as the gas. The RPP gains its name from the fact that when it is enraged, its feathers change colours continously. Its Hammer is highly sought after, as it's able to deal very efficiently the Confusion status. It also looks like a RPP head attached to a handle.

Wyvern-Eater Kulu-Ya-Ku

An extremely cunning and fast Kulu-Ya-Ku that has learned how to eat Wyvern eggs without getting eaten by the parents. A strange phenomenon occurred inside the monster, probably due to the fact that the eggs that it has eaten for its whole life were laid by Tempered Wyverns. Now, The WEKYK has gained the poisoned talons of the Rathalos and the ability to spew an igneous liquid substance. Be wary of it, as the cunning beast will use it to let its prey slip on it, just to assault them with the poisoned talons. The WEKYK is also known to use rocks found in the ground as shields or to throw them at its prey, causing sometimes stun damage. Be careful of when it picks small red stones: they are torch pods. The WEKYK will use them to inflict fireblight or to detonate the igneous liquid substance, making it explode and causing blastblight. Its Dual Blades are the forbidden dream of every hunter, as they are able to deal both Poison and Blast. While one looks like a talon, the other resembles the beak.

Elder Jagras

Great Jagras rarely live long due to their low ranking in the food chain. Be it due to sheer luck or great cowardice, the EJ has lived long enough to reach the size of an Anjanath. The tips of its mane are white, a symbol of its old age. Yet, the EJ is much more dangerous than its younger counterpart. The EJ has great pride in its size and will attack any other monster. Beware of when it does eat other monsters: the EJ will become a true giant. It will start to jump, smashing to death incautious hunters. After a while or after being hit too much, the EJ will start to spew the bones of its prey together with its formidable stomach acid, that are said to hurt even more than the acid pools in the Rotten Vale. It has been observed to eat hunters or other small (for the EJ) living beings to throw them away, sometimes for fun, sometimes to hit its prey. Its Greatsword has been observed to expand during the charge, hitting a wider area than a normal GS. The mane in the handle is a nice touch for fashion experts.

Numbing Paolumu

This Paolumu sure knows how to observe and learn from the environment: the NP is known to poke with its head Sleepytoads to inhale their sleep-inducing gas and then storing it in their neck sacs. This has allowed the NP to put to sleep every threat it faces and joyously fly away. Contrary to its normal counterpart, the sacs are most of the times full, and the NP is rarely seen with deflated sacs. While their prowess is identical to its normal counterpart, being constantly put to sleep will prove to be rather tedious, as the NP has learnt how to deal massive damage with a slow charged move that it uses only against its sleeping victims. Breaking the sacs will release the gas immediately in a wide area, putting to sleep everything but the NP, that has developed an immunity to the gas and to other sleep-inducing shenanigans. However, it will block the NP from putting to sleep someone and it will make it extremely enraged towards everything that dares to stand upon its path. Its Sword and Shield are famous for its speed in putting to sleep monsters and are widely appreciated by everyone. The tail-shaped shield is vastly preferred over the heart-shaped shield of the normal Paolumu SnS.

Undead Girros

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A Girros that survived miracously an encounter between a Vaal Hazak and its killer. The UG body is at this point filled with the Vaal Hazak effluvia, and it has learnt how to infect others with it. Much like the Elder Dragon, the UG can emit an effluvial breath towards the ground that will infect every living beings near it. Combining this with its paralyzing fangs and its vampirism, make the UG a formidable foe. As a side effect of being used as a pawn from the Vaal Hazak, the UG can heal itself by biting others with its fangs. Beware if a hunter is paralyzed by the UG, as it will start to feast upon the poor victim, unless stopped by something else. The UG is also known to fake its death and let other monsters eat a bit of it, just to infect them. Its Insect Glaive is widely known as the best paralyzing weapon. Even though the IG emit effluvia, it's too little to have an effect on monsters. The fangs of the UG cut deep.

Burning Odogaron

The BO was a simple Odogaron that ate by mistake a Dalamadur meteor in the Rotten Vale. Now, the fire burns inside it, injuring the internal organs of the BO, but it doesn't know how to spew it. The BO doesn't live much, but in its last moments, it tries to eat everything that moves, to quell the pain. Constantly emitting steam from its body, every time it roars the burning steam hits everything near the BO. A few times it has been observed that the BO tries to throw out the meteor, but it always ends in a short burst of blue flames emitted from the mouth. Beware of this flame, as it ignores armor and can be lethal for an inexperienced hunter. Its internal organs are burned, yet at the same time coloured of a beautiful blue. Its LBG vastly outperform its normal counterpart and it's considered a rare treasure, since BO are extremely rare. The barrel is made from its internal organs and looks like an innatural blue.

Glimmering Radobaan

The GR was a small Radobaan that didn't find its place in the food chain of the Rotten Vale. By escaping that place, the small Radobaan found a new home in Elder's Recess. As it started to use rocks instead of bones as armor, it found in the streamstones the best attack and defense. In spite of its huge body, the GR prefers to play it safe, and throwing the streamstones that use as armor from relative distance. Upon impact, the streamstones cause an explosion that ignores armor. The inhabitants of Elder's Recess have soon learnt not to understimate this little fella, since the GR is also able to shake away all the armor on itself to fill every nook and cranny with explosions. Without armor, the GR loses its confidence, and will run away to find new streamstones. Its Gunlance is the wet dream of every explosion aficionado, as it has the strongest shelling among all of the GL, since it's the only one powered by streamstones. The crystals on the weapon make it look like a mace of crystals, but the explosions will quickly reveal its true nature.

Fat Bazelgeuse

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The FB is a Bazelgeuse that managed to bring down a Deviljho. Having eaten its famished colleague, the Bazelgeuse gained its endless hunger, but not its metabolism. This has fattened the Bazelgeuse, to the point that it hardly flies anymore and it's locked to the same place where it hunted the Deviljho. Rarely the FB flies upon the heads of poor monsters and hunters alike to carpet bombing them: the FB prefers to attack with its huge body, resembling the Kulve Taroth horns attack on the ground when released. The FB also produces too much explosive liquid, that constantly drips from its scales. Be wary of it, as while the liquid is considered like a track to gather, once it ignites, it creates violents explosions. The FB has learnt to fill the area with its dripping liquid, that drips either by walking, smashing its body on the ground, or by being spewed from its mouth. Its Hunting Horn replicates perfectly its grieved cry, as its unable to fly free like once. The blast status of its HH loses to no one, and it is said that the dripping effect is a mere replica made by the bored blacksmith and it is, in fact, not a danger to Astera.

Xeno Dodogama

Dodogamas have always been wary of streamstones, but when they came to know the Glimmering Radobaan, they decided to retaliate with the same weapon. By eating streamstones though, they changed way more than other monsters. The XD is able to unleash the same energy beam of the more known Xeno'jiiva, causing dragonblight. The XD can also, if under too much stress, release energy from its body, hitting everything around the XD. All energy-related attacks seem to cause dragon damage and dragonblight, while its normal attacks cause blastblight. Be wary of the XD, as it never runs out of stamina and it's always ready to defend its pride. Its Lance is a blast machine that pierces through everything. The tip is a glimmering streamstone modified to withstand the toughest monsters. The blue parts of the XD used often shine in the sun.

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